Yannick to conduct 8 Beethoven symphonies without audience

Yannick to conduct 8 Beethoven symphonies without audience


norman lebrecht

June 11, 2020

Message from the Orchestre Métropolitain in Montreal:

The Orchestre Métropolitain, under the baton of Yannick Nézet-Séguin, and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts’s Bourgie Hall are proud to announce that they are gradually resuming their activities. After 3 months of silence, OM musicians will be reuniting at Bourgie Hall to perform Ludwig van Beethoven’s first 8 symphonies without an audience…. to be treamed on the Orchestre Métropolitainand Bourgie Hall websites over the course of summer 2020.

‘The current moment has set off a lot of initiative, leadership and imagination. We need to accept that things will have to be different for a while. The desire to offer music is bigger than the limits of our current situation.

‘I’m thrilled to be able to reunite with the OM’s musicians at the beautiful Bourgie Hall, which has exceptional acoustics and will surely inspire our performance of the first 8 Beethoven symphonies—pieces that reflect

our present reality.

‘And we’ll wait until we can perform live for our audience to complete the cycle, as the 9th symphony embodies joy and universal kinship.’

Yannick Nézet-Séguin



  • Hal Sacks says:

    Will the entire orchestra sit together or be set apart from each other across an entire performance space?

  • Jan Kaznowski says:

    That’s a brilliant touch, leaving symphony 9 until there are normal circumstances

  • Music10 says:

    Nobody really cares about trying to get music together back when ppl are dying

  • Karl says:

    I’m temped to try to sneak past the border and sneak into the hall. I used to attend at least 3 live concerts every week.

  • Yannick Absent says:

    This shows Yannick’s selfishness and ego. He leads the Met and Philadelphia so instead of working to lead them he is egotistically leading his insignificant Canadian orchestra. On his Instagram he claims to be “father” of the Met and Philadelphia Orchestras but that’s all for show He should just stay in Canada and not bother anymore in the US.

    • Karl says:

      It’s his home town orchestra. They’ve improved a lot since I first saw them in 2006.

    • Emil says:

      Well, first of all the “insignificant” Canadian orchestra records for DG, has conducted acclaimed tours in Europe, and is regularly placed by critics on par or near-par with the OSM. Secondly, you might have missed that there’s a pandemic going on, and that that is reflected by travel restrictions at the border. Nézet-Séguin sheltered in place in Montreal, so that’s where he is. He’s not going to travel to the US (remember the ban on non-essential travel) to then be stuck in a 14 day quarantine every time he crosses the border. Third, you may also have missed that the Met is on furlough; not much recording going on when the orchestra’s not working. Fourth, the OM receives public subsidies – normal that they should be the first to go back to work. Fifth, I’m not sure what’s “selfish” about doing a job he’s paid to do.

    • Monsoon says:

      He’s still referring to himself as the “father”?

      Maybe there’s some Canadian humor that I’m missing out on, but there’s something off about that.

    • Bruce says:

      LOL Sounds like someone has daddy issues.

    • John Kelly says:

      Yannick is loyal to the orchestra where he “cut his teeth” this is to be COMMENDED.

  • V.Lind says:

    Sounds great. Look forward especially to the 7th.

    • Joe says:

      Truly the most underrated. 3, 5, 6 and 9 get all the attention, but it’s 7 that I return to time and again. I’m going to go put it on right now.

  • erdna says:

    OSM was back June 1, with streams June 4 and also yesterday. But YNS wasn’t there so it doesn’t count…

  • urania says:

    The world was just waiting for this…