World gone mad: Safe distance ballet

This was released this morning by Dutch National Ballet.

Break A Me Give.

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  • Not only is this idiotic, pandering and simply ludicrous, but I’m especially weary of seeing talented dancers forced into doing ANY DAMNED THING just because they are all out of work, and under-employed/badly paid in the best of times. Denim is perhaps the heaviest, least flexible fabric available, and the best choice to weigh down and constrict a dancer’s body.

    Also, this isn’t good dance. It’s just a trio of people thrown together improvising a bit in opportune places. Of course they put a smile on and make the best of it to collect a paltry check, but things like this only emphasize how bad the situation has gotten.

    Nobody looks at this and says, “Yeah, that’s great dance”.

    • I think most dancers are currently grateful for the opportunity to dance and perhaps earn something! Aside from the choices of music, clothing and choreography what saddens me with so many of these videos appearing is the fact that we the audience are treated like ADHD gnats and fed a diet of shots that last no more than 5 seconds! It’s not artistic or clever. It’s just lowlights knitted together by some young auteur thinking “this is cool”! It’ll die off.

  • Aside from the pas de deux, much of classical ballet IS from a distance, you can’t execute leaps and spins otherwise.

    As for the modern stuff, the farther away from me the better, ha ha, that was a joke, of all the modern arts, dancing is the most successful and a real aesthetic development where the modern stuff is every bit as good as the classics, whereas music is the complete opposite.

    • That is, remarkably, true. It is probably due to the fact that it is difficult to distort the human body without damaging it. The beauty of the human body is the limitation within which modern dance has to work, and it sets aesthetic limits which are, for obvious reasons, always respected.

  • Crazy. Also the pop music underneath says a lot of the Netherlands National Ballet’s mindset. Apparently, they hope to attract some of the younger illiterati.

    • “I like it, art uses what is occurring in the world, this is relevant.”

      That, thank you, AND the guys didn’t whirl around presenting their junk. I’d call that progress.

      Feel free to downvote me if you miss seeing these guys’ p*nes flying around.

      It’s funny because it’s true.

    • “…… art uses what is occurring in the world”. Would that be true?

      – the numerous paintings of religious subjects
      – the impressionists, postimpressionists, fauvists
      – Kandinsky, Dali
      – Bach
      – Mozart symphonies, piano concerti, sonatas
      – Chopin Ballades, Sonatas, Nocturnes
      – Brahms
      – Stravinsky’s early ballets, his neoclassicism
      – Schoenberg
      – Ravel
      etc. etc. (etc.)…..

      What is the ‘relevance’ of art? Merely its expression of the surrounding world? If this were true, ‘art’ would be restricted to a very small number of works, and their value reduced to being instrumental to something outside their own sphere.

  • What a lovely lovely dancer Constantine Allen is. Truly refreshing. I was going to say that he looked like one of Stradivari’s children, so lovely embellishing life, but then noticed I had mistaken Allen for Evans, and had to change it back, which is….

    I TRULY hope that kid makes it in such a world….

  • Dutch National Ballet is meanwhile so desperate that they are available for third party marketing and thus produced a commercial for a clothing manufacturer…

    Would have been a nice idea (Humor ist, wenn auch Trotzki lacht), but this, um, underwriting is a bit too obvious.

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