Welcome to our distanced concert hall

Welcome to our distanced concert hall


norman lebrecht

June 16, 2020

This is the Dresden Philharmonic hall, ready for its resumption concert with Marek Janowski on June 18.

The seats with white coverings have to be kept empty.

There will be two concerts on Thursday to compensate for the small audience of 480 in an 1800-seat hall. The programme is Haydn symphony #99 and a Beethoven String quartett with Quatuor Ébène. The original plan was to play a Beethoven symphony but the stage is not big enough to have all the players it requires as a safe distance.


  • RM says:

    At least Germany has been smart and proactive about their CV response unlike our national or local response in the US.

    Our arts organizations in the US are generally f’d because of it.

    • Jeff says:

      I generally agree with you. As far as orchestras are concerned though, German orchestras are state funded (like most orchestras around the world) and can get away with playing concerts like this because regardless of how many tickets are sold the musicians will get paid. US orchestras cannot and will not survive playing concerts at 25% capacity and will have to either wait all of this out or simply fold and try to reform later.

      • Peter San Diego says:

        Survival of orchestras in the U.S. depends entirely on the commitment and patience of their major donors.

    • Maria says:

      Different funding than that in America.

  • José Bergher says:

    It appears as if perhaps there mightn’t be sufficient social distancing between the seats that make up each pair of red seats and therefore the wearing of face masks, gloves, head and foot coverings, umbrellas, and space suits mightn’t afford sufficient protection to audience members.

  • Cynical Bystander says:

    And the animals went in 2 by 2? So, no odd numbers either? Hardly inspirational and I suspect not something that many will wish to repeat.

  • Amadeus says:

    Norman, let’s face it! Continenal countries are dealing much better with this crisis then the UK and the US… they are opening their concert halls and what are we doing? It’s ridiculous

  • Butch says:

    One wonders how long the facade will continue, probably at least until full blown slavedom is achieved. All this over an infection thats less dangerous than a normal flu. Wake up y’all.

  • George says:

    Not an ideal situation and of course very sad ; but still better than nothing, or just close a concert hall for a half season.
    At least they try, put a lot of effort in it and they try to make something out of this difficult condition.

  • Elizabeth Owen says:

    There’s lots of space front of house too so just the loos and bars to worry about!

  • Norma o’brien says:

    Missing the concert hall so very much

  • Dennis says:

    Utter madness. Wake up people! The continued panic and paranoia over the most over-sold virus in history, with an IFR about the same as ordinary flu – is just insane. It’s absolutely destroying the world. Every day more of these repulsive, craven responses just exacerbating the fear and paranoia.

    I’m ready to move to Serbia. Judging from Novak Djokovic’s great outing last weekend, they seem to be the only country that is not living in a state of perpetual fear and paranoia induced by government and mass media insanity.

    • RM says:

      Dr. Dennis rides again!

      I’m sorry but just Go.

      Go back to Q-anon, Faux News, Right wing talk-hate radio, & Libertarian friends.

      They really want you now to keep their cult thriving. Rupert would be so proud.

      Norman, do you protect somehow from bots?