Violin vigil is stormed by US riot police

A peaceful vigil for the violinist Elijah McClain who died in police custody in Colorado was broken up yesterday by police with batons and pepper spray. No charges have been broughts against the three police officers who were implicated in his death.

Here’s some live reporting:



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  • It’s a sweet illustration. Every kind gesture changes someone for the better, changes both the giver and the receiver, changes the overall tenor of the world. I have to believe that.
    Thank you.

  • It’s rather troubling that in a number cases police are responding to demonstrations against police brutality by…engaging in brutality.

    • Yes, and the use of body cameras has obviously not been a deterrent for the police. They don’t seem to care that they are being filmed committing these brutalities. What a world we live in!

    • The definition of brutality keeps softening, soon it will be brutal of them to ask you to leave a space.

    • Police side of the story from The Cut:

      On Twitter, the Aurora Police Department attributed its aggressive response to the fact that protesters were attempting to “cross the fence at the PD entrance,” where a separate group had been demonstrating throughout the afternoon. A police spokesperson reiterated this claim to the Cut, saying the entire event was labeled an unlawful assembly “because there was a small group of people who were arming themselves with rocks and sticks, who were ignoring multiple orders to step back from the fence who were starting to damage property … They threatened the safety of all the people that were there.”

  • There are a lot of us violinists, students, amateurs, pros, that would like to protest in a musical way. Could someone organize a specific time for all of us to play a certain tune?

  • Many cops would be afraid if they saw a book or heard a musical instrument being played. Ignorance rules!

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