Utah hires new boss from shutdown Nashville

Utah hires new boss from shutdown Nashville


norman lebrecht

June 25, 2020

Ten days ago, we reported that Nashville had shut down its symphony for the next year, at least.

First to jump is the Nashville Symphony’s COO Steven Brosvik.

He has just been named prez/ceo of Utah Symphony and Utah Opera.

Brosvik was previousy COO at Houston Symphony.


  • drummerman says:

    Didn’t Utah bother to examine what happened when he was ED of the San Antonio Symphony?

  • Larry says:

    That job has been advertised for many months, long before the pandemic started. Theoretically at least, he may have applied a while ago without it specifically having to do with the Nashville shutdown. We wish him well.

  • Mark Wait says:

    Steve Brosvik has been a wonderful presence in Nashville. He will be sorely missed, and congratulations to the Utah Symphony and Utah Opera.

  • CA says:

    Where was he working 2005-2015? LinkedIn shows nothing…..how can that be?