Top soprano: I survived Coronavirus

Top soprano: I survived Coronavirus


norman lebrecht

June 17, 2020

A post by Hibla Gerzmava, the Russian-Armenian prima donna:

(from the Russian)

It’s time to tell my story of these months. I was ill with COVID-19, and most annoying, I had sat at home without a break from March 13, followed ALL safety precautions, but the virus still entered my house!

In mid-May, I felt weakness, malaise, fever, but there was no thought of the virus, until the second day the smell completely disappeared! This is a very strange feeling when you don’t feel the aroma of your perfume or freshly brewed coffee.

But the worst was to come! The most agonizing and difficult 10 days of struggle, when your body, veins, head is torn from pieces to pieces, even your skin hurt, there was a high temperature! Eyes burned, taste and smell were completely absent.

The biggest fear was for the lungs, CT showed bilateral pneumonia, but fortunately with minimal lung damage. Doctors diagnosed a mild form, without the need for hospitalization, with treatment at home. It’s scary to think, if I had a light form, then how do people suffer with severe and moderate severity ??? !!!

The virus exists, and I do not wish the enemy to survive this whole nightmare! I get angry people who are frivolous and scornful of everything that happens, do not believe and think that all this is fiction!

I want to thank my doctors from the bottom of my heart – Marina Nikolaevna Nefyodova, Elena Borisovna Kubareva, all the medical staff of Clinic No. 4 of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation, for their sensitivity, professionalism and support!

I want to say a huge THANKS to all the doctors and paramedics who bravely fight to this day on the “battlefield” around the world!
I feel good now, the tests are negative! Thank God !
I ask you, my dear friends, colleagues and subscribers, take care of yourself and your loved ones!🙏❤️



  • Alexander says:

    a little bird told me Charles loved her voice, along with some other folk at the Palace … The voice is exquisite for sure, I wish her well
    PS Are you certain she is Armenian, not Abkhazian ? Maria Culeghina is Armenian as far as I can guess …

  • Guest says:

    I’m glad you recovered and chose to share your personal story.

  • Arthur says:

    So she was sick for a bit, now she’s a “survivor”. Spare me.

    • Emil says:

      You think it’s not a big deal for a professional singer to get “bilateral pneumonia” with some lung damage? You think it’s not nerve-racking for an opera singer to be told there will be permanent weakening of her lungs?

      Besides, she does not call herself a “survivor”. That is your word, not hers, and your are distorting her account by implying she’s grandstanding by qualifying herself as such – she does not.

    • Barbara says:

      Why are you so ungracious? Better to say nothing.

  • Peter says:

    …. “Clinic No. 4 of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation”… Hmmmmm

    • Erik says:

      It’s just a clinic in Moscow. She used its official name, but it’s not for Putin, basically everybody can go there.

  • Maria says:

    She survived? I would use that term exclusively for those who had been in intensive care and put on ventilators or oxygen, not someone who was able to be nursed at home as thousands upon thousands have been and who have recovered. Glad she’s better.

    • Bruce says:

      As somebody else noted above, she’s not the one who claims to have “survived.” The headline claims it.