The Slipped Disc daily comfort zone (87): What music gives back

Dame Sarah Connolly, who has been fighting back at cancer, yesterday addressed Schubert’s Ode to Music with a rare gratitude.

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  • Wow!

    That should become the new standard for performances of Lieder in viral times.

    No masks, no social distancing, no fuss.

    Just music.

    Thank you!

  • Thank You Dame Sara, and it is Die Holde Kunst. Your song spent time with me, doing what music does in various different “places” where it rests to find vibration, and be music. And that’s that. Thank you.

    In fact it will stay with me forever. Nothing can destroy that. The sun will soon come up and the birds will have snuck it in between the keys, I think.

  • Thank you for posting this. And sincere best wishes to Dame Sarah for a full recovery – looking forward to seeing her at the Wigmore on September 30!

  • With thanks and every good wish from over the hills and far away, Dame Sarah. “An die Musik” is such a comfort, like a blessing on the house, and lightens many grey hours. You join the grand roster of its unforgettable ingers … Lotte lehmann, FiDi, Dame Elisabeth Schwarzkopf with Edwin Fischer, everybody with Gerald Moore, even Gerald himself. You were already there.

    I think the words are by Schubert’s young friend, is it Schober? No mttter; they are true: the holy art, the higher Akkord, the better world, affirming that life without music would be a mistake. A thousand thanks, and when you’ve a mind to, please return to your piano and sing us something else.

  • …and wishing you a very Happy Birthday on Saturday, Sarah. So many wonderful memories of working with you in the BBCSO…

  • Dame Sarah, This is beautiful, from the first loving glance at the keyboard, to the moment when you reach towards the camera, and by extension, towards us. Such grace, such artistry.
    A model for how human beings can be. Thank you, thank you, and best wishes!

  • So very beautiful- and truly music -Lieder, chamber music etc – is what has kept me alive since staying inside from March 10 to now! How fortunate we are to have that!

  • In addition to wishing Dame Sarah all the very best, I just want to add that this is an example of how very good at-home transmissions can be. Thank you, Dame Sarah.

  • And a very happy birthday tomorrow! Wir danke dir, Dame Sarah, or as Beethoven has it in his beautiful “Andenken”, “Ich denke dein.”

  • A word too for the good clear German diction, a rarity from any singer. Dame Maggie Teyte terrified her students by sitting out front at their rehearsals and sweetly enquiring, “Whattt langwidge arrrr you singgingg?” With Dame Sarah, I could note down the words. I also admire her poetic and heartfelt accompaniment. What a lovely song it is.

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