Swedish herd immunity permits a Don Giovanni

The Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and chorus have been rejoined after 10 weeks’ quarantine by their music director, Daniel Harding.

This Friday they will live-stream Sibelius’ Fourth Symphony with Thomas Tranströmer’s poems of isolation.

On Saturday 13 they will put on a semi-staged Don Giovanni featuring Peter Mattei, Malin Byström, Johanna Wallroth and Andrew Staples.

Link here.


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  • Why is the Radio playing opera repertoire, when Stockholm has an excellent opera house and orchestra down the street? In times of struggle, orchestras should support each other, not take each other’s repertoire.

    • LOL. Make sure you remember to object when the opera orchestra performs symphonic music.

      (P.S. Orchestras perform semi-staged operas all the time.)

  • Funny comment….. the last concert the opera orchestra in gave in Stockholm featured Mahler’s Fourth Symphony.

  • Open secret that London now has herd immunity – cases continuing to fall despite progressive relaxing of lockdown for >1 month.

  • Why on earth are they employing an English tenor for this? I know he seems to sing in almost every opera Daniel Harding conducts, but unless he has been self isolating in Sweden for the last 2 months, isn’t it reckless to bring him over, as well as a smack in the face for all the good Swedish tenors living in Sweden?

  • Don’t believe data support the notion that Sweden has achieved great “herd immunity” than comparable other countries with more aggressive lockdown strategies. I believe the fact that they were AIMING for such immunity is the sole reason for that reference in this headline.

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