Sibelius Competition is postponed til 2022

The 2020 Sibelius International Violin Competition, which should have been staged in Helsinki this November, has been put off until May 2022 as a result of Covid uncertainties.

‘The safety and health of our competitors, their local hosts, the numerous musicians and staff involved and of course our audience is of utmost importance to us,’ said the organisers.

Finland has endured fairly light losses during the pandemic.

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  • Good thing Normam to show a painting of Gallen Kallela my favorite painter and friend of Sibelius. he did also a portrait of the genius less famous and more beautiful with a tree on it, for a next article.

  • Quickly…..!

    1) WHO is the artist of the above painting?

    2) What is the title of the painting?

    3) Left to Right…WHO are the four persons pictured?

  • “Finland has endured fairly light losses during the pandemic.”

    Possibly because what we call “social distancing,” the Finns call “normal.” 🙂

    That is a wonderful painting, by the way. I hadn’t heart of it or the artist, because I am a philistine.

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