Quartet player retires after 50 years, unable to say goodbye

Violist Julia Adams decided to call time this season on the Portland String Quartet after 50 years, hoping to take her final bow in a round of farewell recitals.

But Covid has put paid to that and Julia has to go unbowed.

A sad tale of our times here.


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    • Thank you Russell. They remain important literature which I hope others will champion as well. – Full of life, intelligence and good old-fashioned Maine humor!

  • A thousand thanks to this wonderful, caring teacher and brilliant musician! She has used her talent and energy to change lives wherever she’s been. I wish her a long and healthy retirement.

  • Congratulations on a long and fruitful career. This pandemic is putting a lot of us in the position of asking ourselves if we’re already retired but just don’t realize it yet.

  • As W. E. Henleycould have written if he were musical: “My bow is rosined but unbowed.” Happy, busy retirement, Julia! What a great un you’ve had. Is it a record?,

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