Pool time for Barenboim and Du Pre

From a rare 1969 Australian documentary, revealing in many details:

The narrator sounds remarakbly like the late Clive James.

Is it?

And who else is that in the pool?

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  • The presenter is Mike Willesee, the programme This Day Tonight, which ran nightly on the ABC in the ’60s and ’70s.

  • Lovely to see my dear teacher Cecil Aronowitz playing viola. Around the time of this documentary, I was a student of Cecil’s at the Royal College of Music. His positivity and love of music shines though in this film.

    • Because of where this appears in the list of comments, it could be taken to be a comment about Cecil Aronowitz’s wife, Nicola Grunberg. I think it is more likely that “his wife” meant Jacqueline Du Pre.
      Nicola is a Pianist and with Aronowitz, gave the first performance outside Russia of the Shostakovich Viola Sonata at Aldeburgh in 1976. She is alive and well, living in East Sussex.

  • It is not Clive James. There is much dumbing down in Australia since those times. The orchestras are somewhat better, but strings are still rather feeble.

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