Placido Domingo: I’m back

The singer has been giving interviews, declaring himself fully recovered from the Coronavirus.

He will return to the stage at the end of August in a concert at the Arena di Verona.

The thought of returning to my beloved Arena fills me with joy. An Arena transformed to protect us from contagion, all spaced and at the same time all united, audience, choir, orchestra, artists, in a big embrace. For me who was lucky enough to live there 50 years of magical evenings, returning to this historical moment will be a profound emotion, different from all the others. Because the happiness of making music will be joined by great respect for those who have struggled, suffered and for those who no longer exist.’

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  • that’s all we need, more of his quasi-baritonal fumblings as his aging throat searches for the right note… ffs…

  • How boring…. An octogenarian who can hardly convince anymore, a sexual predator (I think that is proven now?) – this is the ultimate box office draw in 2020!

    Says a lot about the people running the Arena di Verona doesn’t it, that this is what they want to put on their stage.

    • Justice will decide whether Domingo is a sexual predator or not. The audience at Verona will decide whether he can still cut the mustard.

    • I fully agree with you opera Greek. The only reason Verona is employing him is because he is a major figure in opera whose voice is well past its sell buy date

      • Anyone who can sell tickets…

        They should get Dutoit to conduct.

        Since he’s a baritone now (ahem), there are all kinds of “creepy predator” arias he can sing. He might be more convincing in those than pretending to be a 20-year-old poet or farm boy.

    • How boring to read such a stupid commet. LA Opera confirmed that Domingo is innocent. And many people cant wait to see Him in Verona. And they are ready to buy very expensive tickets. Hands off Domingo, losers.

      • LA Opera did no such thing. “Gibson Dunn deemed the allegations to be credible, in part because of the similarities in their accounts.” And:

        “Gibson Dunn often found [Domingo] to be sincere in his denials but found some of them to be less credible…”

        I suppose you are referring to this (tepid) exoneration: “Gibson Dunn found no evidence that Mr. Domingo ever engaged in a quid pro quo or retaliated against any woman by not casting or otherwise hiring her at LA Opera…”

        In the sole matter of quids pro quo: there is a lot of difference between “found no evidence” and “confirmed that Domingo is innocent.” Ask Spiro Agnew. And as Domingo’s own actions in the United States were basically the civilian version of “nolo contendere” (not that he was in court, nor was ever accused of anything leading to court action) he can equally be interpreted to have tacitly admitted he was at the centre of a problem in which, whatever his motives or awareness, he was not “Innocent.” An innocent man would have stood and fought.

        Post-Trump America: black is white and white is black – when it comes to facts. When it comes to people, not so much.

        Domingo by his strategic withdrawals and absence of any clear statement removed all notion of the concept of “innocence.” His announced appearance in Verona is him trying to put all this behind him, which I am sure nobody resents, except perhaps aesthetically, which is their right.

        But he is not served by people lying about him, or the result of the investigation.

        • Only court can say if any person is guilty or not. There is no a court process regarding Domingo. That means he is innocent until proven guilty.

          • Innocent until proven guilty!!

            Only a court can confirm guilty. Untill that – shut up and dont post non-proof bull shit.

            I also can say that you harassed me and 20 of my friends can confirm that. Of course I dont have any proof, like Metoo liars. Does it mean that you are guilty?

          • Where’s your proof that all MeToo people are liars? The first big test case — IN A COURT — sent Harvey Weinstein to prison as a guilty man. A major court apparently did NOT think they were all liars.

            Someone raised the question of Domingo’s “innocence.” As no charge was ever laid at him that had any intention of being brought to court — he was accused — widely — of workplace harassment — the standard is different, and the LA investigators, not charged with determining innocence or guilt, found such charges “credible” and his accounts “not credible”. These terms are from the statement that LA Opera released, not press reports. They also, as I stated in my first post, found “no evidence” of quids pro quo.

            But the word “innocent” has a civilian, conversational meaning, and the view that Mr. Domingo is not entirely innocent is there in the report’s assertions about credibility.

            My position, as stated above, is that there has been action and reaction — he has withdrawn from all professional associations in the US — and it is time to move on. He chooses to sing at Verona, who are doubtless pleased to have him. Judging from his legion of fans here, it should be a great success, if not necessarily artistically. Let’s face it, judgment does not come into it with his fans, who are capable of only seeing one side of any argument.

          • Domingo is innocent until proven guilty. Are you a court? No!

            Only court can say if DOmingo guilty or not.

            2 retired opera singers witout poof cant also be cnsidered as court.

            Go to hell, haters! Your opinion is a bull shit.

          • You people are unbelievable. Only a court? Have you never heard of someone being caught in the act? Perhaps lifting money from his mother’s purse? He is guilty of the deed — no court required.

            What moronic plane do you people live on?

          • Your logic is faulty. Take for example. Someone is sued for sexual molestation. He refuses, the law believes him. Does this make him innocent? And what happens when the molestor later said: “Okay, okay I did it.”
            In realty facts decides and where facts can’t be used many cases ends unfinished.

        • In August 2019 several old ex-opera singers took a medcine for sclerosis and remembered that Domingo looked at their knees 30 years ago))) OMG, that is really a crime)))

          It is too funny))

          And now they are so furious as he doesnt look at their old knees but they want it)))

      • Ahem … whatever the LA Opera confirmed – it was PD himself who admitted on what he’s done. He declares it as “galantery” and “charm”, but nowadays women don’t want this kind of “charm” anymore.

        • LA Opera and Met are in the country there nobody respects law.

          It is normal in US to accuse a person witout any proof.

          And it is normal for US if a policeman kills afroamerican person.

          No doubts that Dominog case in US is fabricated.

          • THERE IS NO CASE. This was a workplace behaviour matter and was adjudicated there — in a number of workplaces. They all sought to sever relations with Mr. Domingo.

            Do you and all the other Orangettes, who are so devoted to opera that you will be charging off to Verona and forking over 500 euros to hear him “sing,” conclude that every major opera and concert institution in the US, and the ROH, are involved in some conspiracy?

            Hmm…given his recent performances, maybe you are on to something… 🙂

        • Even 40 years ago women didn’t like this kind of “galantery” and “charm” but it was impossible to do anything against such “gentlemen”. “Close your mouth and forget it.” was the good advice from elder people in the scene….as you know by yourself too.

    • LA Opera and AGMA reírte confirmed that Domingo is innocent. And metoo statements are false.
      So sad that you are so jealous to Domingo success..

  • In spite of the publicity from media, the fact is your contribution to the opera world is second to none. No one can ignore the pleasure you have brought to endless opera fans, and nobody should try and take that away from you. Welcome back to the world of opera.

    • Perhaps a hologram of Kleiber in the pit conducting could go with Domingo’s latest performance?

  • we are very happy to have you back.Don’t listen to or read gossips and losers.All Opera lovers respect and adore you.

    • Don’t speak for “all opera lovers” please! I am a big opera lover but I don’t respect Domingo anymore. This old man who has lost his voice since years and also his reputation should have used the time now to retire from the scene, to give space to the young baritones now. But no, he isn’t intelligent enough to take this opportunity to retire. It’s such a shame that so many blind and deaf people still support this man. Dont you see that he’s just a very poor caricature of himself, of the great singer he was once?

      • Who are you to advise Domingo what she should do? What a shame that every non intelligent person like you post such a dirty comments about great singer?

        Are you a great musician? No? So please stop post your dirty post. You look miserable…

        • Poor you! Blind for the truth and just able to try to insult others.
          A singer who definitely is far over his prime should better retire. Most of them know this and do it, just Domingo has no sense when it’s time to retire. His narcissistic personality avoids it. His try now to cover his harassment scandal by Covid-19 doesn’t make anything better. That’s no jealousy, no hate but just facts – if you like it or not. Period.

          • Neither Saskia nor I are forced to pay for PD’s poor singing. In this you’re right.However, I for my part would love see young baritones and basses like Johannes Kammler, James Rutherford, Jacques Imbrailo – to name only a few. Yet they have to do what PD isn’t interested in and of course they get less money because people like you can’t decide on their own how they like a singer. They always needthe chance to quote newspapers and magazine like “But the Times wrote about him he’s the best thing since quickly drying nail polish!”
            I prefer to hear young, fresh voices, to get enthusiasm and real engagement instead of a “have done that 50 times, it’s become totally boring” routine.

          • So why dont you support young singers? Why do you only harass and insult Domingo and his fans? Does it help to your favorite young singers in their career? Definitly no.

            So why do you harass and insult Domingo and his fans?

  • That is absolutely wonderful news. I am happy that Maestro has recovered from the virus and that he is ready to return to the stage. Great to have you back, Maestro! Looking forward to Verona and all your future performances!

    • He has recovered from the virus but not from his quite intolerable narcissism and from his megalomania. Yes, once he was a famous singer, now he’s just an old man who can’t sing anymore since years and who thinks he can cover his harassment scandal by Covid-19. I would feel ashamed, if I would support him anymore.

  • Bravo Maestro Domingo!!! Welcome back!!! Viva Italia!!! You have brain!

    For those who can read, I would recommend you look not at the articles in the journal, but at the original texts of the conclusions of the AGMA and LAO. The AP’s charges have not been proven, none of them. The LAO investigation concluded that Domingo did not provide mutually beneficial services to anyone, did not use his official position, and could not do so, due to the complex decision-making mechanism in the theater. The same scheme exists at the Washington Opera, a representative of the Opera house said in August. Second, nowhere in the LAO investigation or the AGMA investigation is there any conclusion that Domingo is a sexual predator. In no conclusion the actions of Placido Domingo are characterized as harassment. If you are interested, you can see what this term means in the US legal directory. You will see that none of Domingo’s actions can be characterized as harassment. Both investigations speak of flirting and sexual advances that are not illegal. From the point of view of professional ethics and puritanical morality, such behavior may be perceived as incorrect, but it is not aggressive, intentionally offensive, or anything in the spirit that the Newspapers describe. And it is obvious that the past year has been too severe a punishment for the frivolity of youth. At the same time, all the words that some of you say here: a sexual predator, an aggressor, an abuser and other insults are completely unfair and illegal. I can say for sure that you have no right to judge Domingo, because none of us is a Saint. I see so much hatred and malice in the comments that it is obvious to me that the hearts of these people have long been rotten and belong to the devil. Placido Domingo is a wonderful man. He is better than most of us in his human qualities. That’s why some people are so angry and happy, trampling his name in the mud. This is one of the most pathetic and primitive ways of self-affirmation, when nature has not rewarded a person with talent, intelligence, and kindness.

      • I have enought money to travel abroad to Italy, Austria and any other contries see Domingo and to spend 500 euros or even more for the ticket to his concert.

          • In my case I’m independent towards the gender. I don’t care if you are a girl, a boy or something genderless. Whoever is willing to pay 500 pounds to listen to Domingo’s ruined voice i’d like to ask if he wouldn’t think it better to give an ear repairing for this money.

          • It is not your business what im going to do with my money. Yes, I’m going to spend 500 euros or pounds for Domingo performace.
            And for you of course it is better to spend 500 pounds to repair your head.

  • This tenor-bad baritone-very bad conductor has no shame at all! The only thing he manages to do now is to be forgotten very soon, even by some ardent opera fans… Self-distructive really.
    Stating that he was forced to cancel because of the Coronavirus worldwide made me laugh – someone should remind him that he was cancelled by mostly all major opera houses (Met, Royal Opera House, Berlin and so on) because of his admittance of doing wrong!!!!!
    Both AGMA and the LA Opera admitted they dropped charges because he has paid a lot of money and because he stepped out (was forced to step out) from these 2 organisations – they did never say he was innocent but on the contrary that the accusations are valid and sustainable.
    For those still with their mind unclear, just read all his contradictory and poor statements over the last year…
    By thinking he will get away now just because of the virus is more than ridiculous!
    One should also remind him that imunity after the virus is not for life, but only for a few months, so employing a 83 years (yes, his real age) old man might be pretty risky.

    • A comment of a person that cant stop to be jealous of Domingo success.

      Domingo is a great singer and people pay 300 euros for a ticket to his concert.

      LA Opera and AGMA are not a court or police. Their reports are not professional. That means it is a bull shit. Only a court can say if Domingo guilty or not. And metoo liars didnt come to a court as they are liars. They can lie at media only as they are old, rerired and need money.

      In any case LA Opera reoprt:
      Gibson Dunn found no evidence that Mr. Domingo ever engaged in a quid pro quo or retaliated against any woman by not casting or otherwise hiring her at LA Opera, especially since casting and other hiring decisions are complex, performance-specific and determined by multiple people.

      Dmingo is 79. Dont post a bull shit. Or post a proof of that.

      • The evidence is at the Hamburg Staatsoper where he was employed at the beginning of his career…
        Truth can heart, and sadly some opera fanatics are so blind in their adoration of an artist forgetting that having been a good tenor 30-50 years ago does not excuse any bad behaviour – no matter when and how it has happened.
        Even more, he has admitted to it and apologized only to de-apologize after 2 days… ridiculous! If you are such a fan, I bet you knew that already!

        • Domingo denies all allegatioan and has never confirmed his guilty. But of course you dont know that as you have never open his FB page. You just read false headlines.

          Of course you are a one of his haters-losers. Talented famous handsome men always has such haters who can only post a bull shit in internet.

          • Yes, of course, his FB page is a very serious document, just saying always the truth. Come on, you can’t be that naive, can you?

        • “The evidence is at the Hamburg Staatsoper where he was employed at the beginning of his career…”

          and there is an evidence? A link or a screenshot of any document? Just a bull shit again?

          • Dear Elly and Aily and all the other names you use here… you are delusional in all of your comments – repeating the exact same things over and over again without any common sense and any truth of what has happened in the past year.
            PD should retire now, he is already out of the USA and major European opera houses, he should have retired 15-20 years ago, now he is just a sad caricature of what he was and will be remembered just as such. Because he wants to!
            Of course, you and Aily and Elly and all the others (still just you) will be idolatrizing him because you cannot make a simple difference between a (former) tenor and a man.

          • Why do you spend so much time to criticize Domingo? He has lots of fans ans they will always support him. Dont you have more important things to do? Or you just dont have nobody to talk to?

          • And you? Why did you read the comments and reply? Anyone sitting in the glass house shouldn’t throw stones….

          • I reply as it is too painfull for me to read nasty comments of non intellegent people. The great artist doesnt deserve that.
            Why do you spend so much time to discuss a person you dont like? What is your interest?

          • Dear Brian L,
            It seems that Elly is definitly right. You posted so much dirty comments and no proof of Domingo guilty. I tried to find any evidence of Domingo guilty in your posts, but nothing. Just talks and rumors.

            As for the voice. In my opinion Jonas Kauffman who is 50 now, should be retired 10 years ago. He cancelles every his 2nd performance as his voice is already very bad. And he is just 50. But he is still singing as he doesn care my opinion and opinon of many other people.

            Are you a professional opera critic? Im pretty sure that you are not. Critics doesnt write their posts at such forums. That means you are not a professinal and your opinion about Dominfo is nonsense.

          • Brian L,

            I’ve read your comments many times as well as LA Opera investigation report.

            As I see they found flirting and sexual advances only. This is definitely not a crime in USA or Europe. Ask you parents, they did the same before you wee born.

            And it is very interesting, why there is no such cases in Europe Or Asia? He harassed in US only?))) Why? European women are more beautiful.

      • You are blind for what has happened and deaf if you think you can hear a great voice anymore. With 79…or something like this…Mr. Domingo should give space to the young, really good baritones on one side and he shouldn’t try to cover his harassment scandal by covid-19.
        My hope was that he takes the opportunity now to retire from the scene and doesn’t blame himself anymore on stage.
        Once he was a great tenor but now he’s just a caricature of himself. He never was a good baritone and he’s a very bad conductor. It’s a pity that he lost sight when it was time to retire and to say good bye. It’s a shame that so many people who call themselves opera fans, aren’t capable of hearing that he can’t sing anymore since years, not able to hear his breathing problems and pay high prices to see for example a great-great-grandfather Gérmont in La Traviata. To realize that, gives a very bad view on Domingo’s fans.

      • For God’s sake, you stupid cow, how often do you people have to be told that NOBODY ever accused Domingo of anything that belonged in a court? Of a crime? Of anything that any court would be interested in?

        He was accused of inappropriate behaviour in the workplace leading to uncomfortable working atmospheres. Such complaints were adjudicated where they belonged, in the offices of the employers — and one after another severed their relationships with him. As far as those employers were concerned, he was guilty — in the civilian sense of the word. There was NEVER any question of courts being brought nto it.

        Grow the &*^% up. Believe what you like, blinded as you are by prejudice. But stop being so bloody stupid and arguing an issue that never existed.

    • Thank you, I can’t agree more. Just…he’s 86, born on Jan. 21st, 1934. I remember very well, when I saw him in several performances in London together with young Thomas Allen. At this time it wasn’t a secret that he’s 10years and a few months older than Sir Thomas, born on Sept. 8th, 1944. Later on Domingo was getting younger and younger…;)

    • Oh come on, if your life is only worth living by hearing an octogenarian sing past his prime, maybe you should re-examine what is truly important.

    • Oh my God, poor woman if it makes your life be worth living once more, to see an old singer past his prime who should have retired years ago. “To hear” I can’t say, because there isn’t much to hear anymore. To ignore the harassment scandal is another question but it doesn’t make things better and it shows the character of the remaining fans he has. What a shame!

      • Three months ago he gave a stunning performance at Mariinsky. Have you been there? Did you hear him live? Don’t comment on something you have not the slightest idea of. And spare us your weird conspiracies about his age.

  • I figure at this point, everybody knows what to expect from a Domingo concert, both musically and extra-musically. People who want that are free to buy tickets; people who don’t want it are free to stay home.

    And of course everyone is free to express their opinions on Slipped Disc 🙂

  • All the complainers about Domingo’s endeavors should grab a book and read the biographies of their favorite composers.

    One can imagine after such endeavor, they’ll end up only listening to church music, because of course in such sacred places nothing happe……

    OH WAIT!

  • It’s à very good new to hear Mr Domingo again and to know that he recovers so well. The arena of Verona have a very interesting initiative.

  • Sad to see. This pandemic would have provided him with the perfect excuse to finally retire which would be long overdue given his frayed vocal state and execrable record as a conductor. He defaces his once great legacy every time he sings. But he is clearly far too much of a narcissist to do (or even realize) this.

    • Dont see and dont make post if it makes you sad. We want to see Domingo on stage and ready to pay lots of money for his concert.

  • My post-COVID-19 final dream concert would be:

    The “one tenor” (transposed to baritone) together with the English Chamber Ochestra previously tested positively for anti-bodies, conducted by Zubin Metha via Microsoft Teams.

    Nessun Dorma
    Funiculi Funicula

    Recorded and released by Sorry Classics.

  • Long live Placido!

    All let all haters go to hell! Domingo haters, make something great at first. Now you are just losers who can only post dirty comments at Internet.

  • I am very happy to read this news.
    I will be in the Arena,-if I can get a ticket. Performances with Placido Domingo in the Arena are always sold out (they are selling more than 10.000 tickets/performance). For the planned concert they can only allow much fewer people in the audience.

  • Domingo should have retired long ago. Even in the nineties he was barely able to tip an A natural. But what a wonderful singer he was on that long ago magnificent evening in 1969 in the Arena. It was the night he made his debut in Verona and in Italy. I knew him from reputation in Opera Magazine, had already bought his first two recitals on Decca and RCA. Still, the voice was even richer, even more beautiful than on records and he nailed the Bflat. The production was magnificent and during the riddle scene he ran upwards on the stairs, stumbled a moment and didn’t miss a beat. Turandot was Birgit Nilsson. The old hands around me (Italians were still much in the majority) liked him well enough but didn’t share my enthousiasm. He was good but he was not Georges Thill, José Luccioni and others they had heard in their youth as Calaf. Of course they cheered Nilsson as that was a name. Six years later he once again sang Turandot (Janku was no Nilsson) and by that time he was very famous. The voice was still glorious (though not better than in 1969) and there was no escape. He encored Nessun dorma and lost his voice.

  • A complex story. Yes, he could have retired long ago in dignity and glory, but his character does not allow it. He is driven by something stronger than seeing reality. And no, he’s not 83.

        • I wrote before where from I know it. But there is also a second thing: My mom once saw his documents when he made a contract with a theatre. For insurance and finance office everybody has to use his legal documents.

        • Don’t be stupid, if there would be his official papers in the internet, he couldn’t hold his lies anymore.
          My mom saw his legal papers by making a contract for a theatre. For insurance and finance office everybody has to use his original documents.

          Long time ago, when I saw him in different performances in London, there was an excellent young baritone, Thomas Allen, born on Sept. 8th, 1944. It wasn’t a secret at this time, that Domingo was 10 years and a few months older than the young man. Probably he forgot, that there were some colleagues, who knew his date of birth. Later he became younger and younger…and everybody smiled about his vanity.

          • The grapevine just tells that Sir Tom uses the down time during corona for practizing his skills in changing nappies because he thinks he’ll become one day asked to sing with Domingo again. And with the rate Domingo becomes younger it could happen that he’s by then the young singer again while Sir Tom enjoys retirements (with a still “useable” lovely voice).

  • How do you manage Mr Lebrecht to generate so nasty comments on your blog ? Is it your goal, have you made a selection of your ” followers” at your image ?. it’s just fine than opera try to do an event with great singers. the presence of Mr domingo is an honour for Verona and the opreworld

    • It’s a completely neutral post. We have 2 million readers. They respond as they please on all sides of the case.

          • Please delete this V.Lind comment and check te other ones.

            June 4, 2020
            For God’s sake, you stupid cow, how often do you people have to

          • Sorry. But I was replying to someone who used a vulgar expression I would not repeat (she was not the only one) making for the umpteenth time the ludicrous argument that only courts could determine innocence, etc.

            I appreciate that Domingo retains a loyal fan base who believe that he was conceived without original sin. And although I fall on the other side of the issue, I have more than once suggested that there has been action and reaction and that he can move on as he sees fit, and as others do.

            But I admit I lost my rag at reading the illogical yet again. In a debatable issue, it would be nice if each side based their arguments on normal logic and basic facts. I’m not about to repeat the arguments I have made above. But I will try to rein in my own frustration in future posts. I did, to some extent, in this one — the unfortunate expression I used was not a fraction of the one I felt.

  • Im so happy to hear that Maestro Domingo is fine and fully recovered after tha hospital. He is truly a great artist, gentelman and a very intelligent person.

    Hope I can see Him in Vienna in September!

  • I had so many tickets for Domingo perfomances in spring: Hamburg opera, Lucern concert, Bolshoi theatre in Russia, Vienna opera and Verona in June. So sad that these performances were canceled due to pandemia.

    Hope I can see Maestro Domingo on stage in Verona and Salzburg in August, and in September in Vienna.!

  • The best news of the day!

    Verona is going to have only 1000 seats at the august. It will be very difficlt to buy a ticket last yeat 11000 (Or 13000?) tickets were sold out long before the concert day.
    Hope I’ll be lucky to get tickets for me and my husband.

  • I’m 27 years old and my girlfriend is 23. We are considering traveling to Europe from Armenia at the end of the summer. And now we for sure add Verona to our trip. It is so a great pleasure to come to the concert of such a great singer!
    Finger crossed!

  • I have loved and admired Placido for over 60 years.
    In 1983 I had the pleasure of meeting him, and shaking his hand.
    A true gentleman. !!
    Thank you for the wonderful memories.

  • In this latest interview with Corriere della Sera, Placido also talked about his thinking about theatre reopening and gave a sensible view on priorities: life and health first, while art is essential in the long run for humanity.

    Placido Domingo as an artist and as a person, is deservedly loved and respected by many, who are and will stand by him. In the meantime, Norman’s blog will be a constant reminder that the detractors are ever present.

    Norman, your blog while widely read, does not have anywhere near 2 million readers. Your claim may be based on statistics provided by your web service provider. Just let you know, that data is not reliable. Based on my observation on your blog and my experience on website hosting, your blog, has at most a few thousand readers, and no more than a couple of hundred “active” readers & commenters. To make you feel better, your archrival has even smaller audience / reader base, despite also claiming to have a far higher figure.

    To Placido’s fans, Placido has never been away.

    What should never come back, is the cancel culture.

    • My statistics are from Google Analytics. They are industry standard and professionally verified. You are anonymous and untruthful.

      • Norman, if it is from Google Analytics, it is even more far off the base. Do you have an idea what it means to have readers in the scale of million? How much money do you make from the ads that are placed on your blog? (No need to tell me, you know it yourself.) Had you had 2 million readers, even without any of them actually clicking on those ads, you would have been a VERY RICH man. Again, that’s not to say your blog is not being read by people. A few thousand is not bad, considering this is about a niche sector that is classical music.

  • All the rabid Domingo attackers here should bare in mind that when Domingo works, a lot of other people have jobs and get paid. With theaters and festivals struggling, this is not to be neglected.
    The fury here is beyond belief! If you don’t like the man or his singing, don’t listen! What gives you the right to insult him and all the people who do not share your opinion? That is harassment if I ever saw one. The amount of your hatred is incomprehensible. God bless you, you need it because it must be very sad and very difficult to be you.

    • You are definitly right. These people harass Domingo and insult his fans. If I dont like any singer I dont listen. These people are definitly sick.

  • >