Philly scraps gala due to ‘national tragedy’

The Philadelphia Orchestra has postponed Saturday’s online gala with Steve Martin, Wynton Marsalis and others.

‘It’s the wrong moment. We’re in the middle of a national tragedy on so many levels. It just doesn’t feel right to do a joyful celebratory event on Saturday night,’ said orchestra president and CEO Matías Tarnopolsky. 


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  • Philadelphia is now in its fifth straight day of curfew. The inmates have been running the asylum since last weekend ‘s looting spree through the downtown and neighborhood shopping districts
    . Police- null and void. Mayor- weak as water. His only action has been to remove a statue of a former mayor. Cultural institutions ( Orchestra, Curtis Institute, Rosenbach Library) are all advertising their virtue, but have not donated one penny to help rebuild the devastated businesses.

    • Yeah, well, it’s funny how people react when the President tells them he doesn’t care if they die from the police, a virus or from his militia.

    • You expect not-for-profit institutions – themselves hurting for funds – to donate to for-profit businesses? In what alternate universe are you inhabiting?

  • Quite extraordinary: Norman makes a grammatical error! Headline should be ‘owing to ‘ – ‘due to ‘ has noun-force. Rare indeed in this splendid blog.

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