No disaster would be complete without this pianist

The roaming German pianist Davide Martello is in Minneapolis, playing at the George Floyd memorial.


He has previously turned up at the scene of unrest in Paris, Dallas, Istanbul and Kiev.


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    • No need; he’s got a ‘Ban the Bomb’ logo on his piano and is wearing a mask. That’s all you need to get re-tweeted.

  • That was actually rather sweet and touching.

    It may be shameless self-promotion, and he may or may not be a great pianist*, but the people listening (and taking turns at the piano) sure seem to appreciate what he’s doing.

    *(the video barely includes any footage of him playing and what it does show is mostly without audio or just a few chords.)

    • That would turn out more like “freak on, certs!” I see the hapless Gautier has further metamorphosen on his name; let’s hope he con take it on the chin.

    At first I thought you were referring to Horowitz….

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