Music student, 17, dies of Covid

Music student, 17, dies of Covid


norman lebrecht

June 26, 2020

A Florida schoolgirl, Carsyn Davis, of Cypress Lake High School in Fort Myers, had died a day after her 17th birthday from the effects of the Coronavirus. She was a member of the school orchestra and a promising voice student.

Carsyn suffered from a rare autoimmune disorder and had previously survived cancer. ‘She lost her dad at the age of 10,’ the family said. “Yet, she survived it all, never complaining and never focusing on herself. Even through the ravages of Covid, fighting to breathe, she never once shed a tear, complained or expressed fear.’

The tragedies never cease.

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  • Herr Doktor says:

    My deep condolences to Carsyn’s family. It’s terrible enough to lose fellow citizens who are elderly yet have lived their lives. It’s even worse to lose those who have yet to live their lives.

    Let’s face facts: Donald Trump needs to be put on trial for crimes against humanity, in addition to everything else he needs to be charged with after he loses to Biden in November. Whether it’s gassing/torturing/killing illegal immigrants, or killing American citizens through malevolence, incompetence, and just plain not caring about his responsibilities to lead and protect the country, this poor excuse for a human being needs to be held accountable beyond simply being kicked out of office.

    • rh says:

      Agree completely, Herr Doktor. In addition, McConnell and other enablers must be held to account.

    • Sarah says:

      Why do you have to bring in Trump in such a tragedy of a music student who is 17? Can’t you leave him and your politics out of this for once?

      • Nathan says:

        No, we can’t leave him out, because from the beginning, he blamed a public health emergency on the “evil Dems” and the media.

        He insisted the virus was invented by his adversaries in order to ruin his chances at reelection. Seriously. He’s such an idiot, he thinks that’s actually possible.

        His delusion and denial left us completely unprepared. He told states they were on their own, so they scrambled for supplies. The government then seized many of those supplies.

        There is no leadership, no cohesive message coming from the top.

        He continues to thwart our progress by saying people are wearing masks to show their disapproval of him. He has never been anything but self-serving, but now the consequences are much more dire.

        Every other country is getting through this. There’s no end in sight for us.

    • PaulD says:

      If so, then the governors of New York and Minnesota should be tried for murder as well, since they ordered nursing homes to take in infected patients from hospitals. This lead to the deaths of thousands of elderly people.

    • Bone says:

      You are clearly unhinged. And he will likely win re-election next year, so his UN court date will have to wait.

    • H.H says:

      Absolutely, Chomsky described him as the worst criminal in history without exaggeration (mainly in reference to the climate). But look at all the downvotes…Horrifying to think how many Trump supporters are on this site. Equally unbelievable that they truly love music.

  • Another reminder that this isn’t “just the flu”.

    • Maria says:

      In 2017 in Britain, we lost 35,000 people with flu. So far we have lost 43,000 with Covid-19. Whilst 8,000 deaths is a lot, 35,000 with ‘just the flu’ is serious, and we have thousands every year die of flu but nothing is said.

      • Maria wants you to think that 43,000 dying in only three months is just a little bit more than 35,000 people dying over a whole year.

        Remember how, back when only the first thousand had died in just a few weeks, the Marias were out saying, “but the flu killed 35,000 in 2017!”.

        A lot of people fell for that and that has a lot to do with causing the trouble we are in now.

        It was obvious early on that this was worse than the flu but the Marias deployed to spread their nonsense and persuade people to not take precautions.

        Remember also that many people who survive are going to have life-long impairments that are not like having gotten over “just the flu.”

      • Jen says:

        Maria, FYI:

        According to Reuters: “Scientists are just beginning to understand the many health problems caused by COVID-19.”

        “Besides the respiratory issues that leave patients gasping for breath, the virus that causes COVID-19 attacks many organ systems, in some cases causing catastrophic damage.”

        ” ‘We thought this was only a respiratory virus. Turns out, it goes after the pancreas. It goes after the heart. It goes after the liver, the brain, the kidney and other organs.’ “

  • GCMP says:

    shame that some people just have to politicize a tragedy.

    • HugoPreuss says:

      Some tragedies occurr due to political circumstances. The incompetence of the current administration in the US has undoubtedly contributed to the enormous number of casualties. AND I noticed that this unfortunate young person was from Florida. Well, if possible, the governor of Florida was even worse than the president in his complete denial of science and, thus, the deadly threat of this disease.

      A pandemic doesn’t care about politics. But humans have to fight the pandemic, and they are constrained or supported by the political system in which they operate. In this regard, the unfortunate people of the United States are currently worse of than just about any other OECD country. Calling the pandemic “Kung Flu” is “to politicize a tragedy”, holding the President responsible for his own actions and their results is not.

    • Bruce says:

      Shame that it’s appropriate to do so.

    • American says:

      Have you seen any of the graphs comparing the U.S. to other countries or the E.U.? Those other places didn’t have a leader who was calling COVID-19 a hoax or discouraging people from wearing masks and practicing social distancing. The death toll here is immeasurably higher than it would have been, had we not had a narcissistic sociopath for a president. Who knows if this teenager would still be alive, were she in any other country? This crisis was politicized by Trump and now we’re dying because of his horribly botched response.

  • Sharon says:

    Trump did say that people should wear masks,although he has not set the example, and he never called Covid a hoax. He admitted that if he minimized the tragedy he did so to prevent people from panicking.

    He DID suggest that states open their economy sooner than they should have. However, as Trump did say, it ultimately was up to the states and if anyone is responsible it is the government of the state of Florida for not closing schools and businesses sooner.

    It is hard for me to get beyond Trump’s persecution of desperate immigrants and how he has increased prejudice and divisiveness between different groups in the US and between the US and foreign countries, including countries that were US allies unnecessarily.

    However, his reputation is worse than his actual actions and a lot of the actions and statements that are attributed to him he did not do or say.

    “Get a reputation for rising early and you can rise at noon”.
    Get a reputation for being a stupid, dishonest jerk and regardless of what you do or so say the reputation sticks.