Mourning for Claudio Abbado’s brother

Marcello Abbado, Claudio’s older brother and a prolific composer of orchestral works, has died at his home in Stresa, aged 93.

As well as being a concert pianist and teacher,Marcello was on the board of La Scala for 24 years and co-founded the Giuseppe Verdi orchestra, serving for three years as artistic director.

His son is the conductor Roberto Abbado.

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  • He would appear annually with the Orchestra Sinfonica Comunale di Sanremo whose concerts I attended during my childhood in Italy in the mid-1970s. His specialty was to do whole programs of Mozart Piano Concertos which he directed from the keyboard. A polished and stylish artist, from what I can remember of those performances. RIP.

  • Dear Roberto, with deep sympathy to you and your family on the passing of your beloved father. His eternal spirit rests and dwells within you and everyone whose lives he has profoundly touched.

  • Marcello Abbado has been Director of the Milano Conservatorio for 24 years. I am honoured to have been student and then teacher in the school under his tenure. He was an incredible active man starting to work in his office at 5 o’clock in the morning. He has been a wonderful organizer and a very sensible man. I will miss him so much

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