Lyon grabs Vienna playmaker

The Theater an der Wien has lost its artistic director, Jochen Breiholz, to the Opéra de Lyon.

The brilliant Breiholz is Serge Dorny’s last hire in Lyon before he departs for Munich.


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  • The artistic director of Theater an der Wien is Roland Geyer.
    “Brilliant”(sic) Breiholz is in the administration.

    • To be precise, Roland Geyer is the intendant of Theater an der Wien, Breiholz is the Director of Artistic Administration and Casting.

  • AGAIN…this man has gone on from being an usher / journalist to being and expert on what …voice ? casting ?again part of the pandemic of opera…. viva the club of buddies …….so sad…..what a loss for Lyon and Vienna.

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