How to profit from a micro-audience (1): Hire a celebrity chef

How to profit from a micro-audience (1): Hire a celebrity chef


norman lebrecht

June 25, 2020

The conductor Raffaello Morales has come up with an original solution for making post-Covd audiences pay.

He has founded a Fidelio Orchestra Cafe in Clerkenwell, nears central London and has engaged such renowned performers as Steven Isserlis, Pavel Kolesnikov, Simon Callow, Alina Ibragimova, Louis Schwitzgebel, Samson Tsoy and Charles Owen, starting on 7 July.

All concerts are followed by a dinner catered by celebrity chef and author Alan Rosenthal. In order to comply with social distancing guidelines, admission is restricted to 25 people per evening. Artists will perform the same programme for up to five nights running.

Details can be found here.



  • Player says:

    Sounds lovely but very exclusive. Prices for tickets must be pretty steep.

  • RC says:

    Not sure how this will be allowed to happen when music (live or recorded) will not be permitted in restaurants, pubs and shops and live performance with an audience (musical and theatrical) is also still not being permitted from 4 July. I may be wrong ?