Death of a German violinist, 93

Death of a German violinist, 93


norman lebrecht

June 19, 2020

In the thick of Covid mortality, we missed the passing of the distinguished German violinist Wolfgang Marschner on March 24.

A descendant of the opera composer Heinrich Marschner, he was ccepted as a student in the Staatskapelle Dresden orchestra school at the age of four. His later training with the Berlin Phil concertmaster Erich Röhn was interrupted by military service. Alongside a lively soloist career, he held a number of university posts, latterly at Freiburg. Among many recordings, he was an early performer of the Schoenberg and Berg violin concertos.




  • Karl Davies says:

    I studied for several years earning an advanced performance degree in Freiburg.Marschner was a true musical polymath.He had all the major concertos by memory as a pianist and was a also a composer.His knowledge of the Bach Partitas and Sonatas and related bow technique was legendary.

    • Edgar Self says:

      I’m glad Karl Davies posted as Marschner’s student. A long honourable life deserves recognition when he departs. I didn’t know him but mention of his composer forbear put me searching.

      Heinrich Marschner (1795-1861) is “the best German opera comoposer between Weber and Wagner”, surprisingly, but who else is there? Ludwig Spohr? Marschner’s two dozen operas include “Hans Heiling”, “The Vampire”, “The Templar and the Jewess”, and another “Clemenzo di Tito” (Wiki). I have some on records. He decided to be a musician after meeting Beethoven in 1815.

      Marschner’s teacher Erik Roehn was BPO concertmaster after Szymon Goldberg left until the end of WWII when he went to Holland. He recorded with Furtwaengler Sibelius and Beethoven concertos. Another link with the past is gone. I think Roehn’s son has posted here.