Dallas calls off opera until March 2021

The Dallas Opera season, which was to have opened on October 9, 2020, will now begin on Friday, March 5, 2021, all being well.

‘This virus is a serious threat to all the hallmarks of grand opera, which include amassing huge forces on stage and in the pit, bringing large crowds together in our theaters, assembling casts from all over the world, and listening to singers, sometimes in passionate embrace, filling the hall with powerful voices and glorious sound without the use of microphones,’ said CEO Ian Derrer.


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  • Another defeatist example of non-adventure in the performing arts. These institutions deserve to suffer and their communities should not bail them out! Come up with entrepreneurial and creative initiatives. Where are the leaders? Dallas should just shut down forever.

    • Really? The company should “shut down forever” just because of one decision you disagree with?

    • Defeatists in Charge: Y’all stay healthy now, y’hear? They tried shootin’ that darn virus thing, but now they got to rely on good ol’ public health common sense.

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