Cyber attack blocks Helen Mirren’s Israel concert

Cyber attack blocks Helen Mirren’s Israel concert


norman lebrecht

June 29, 2020

Yesterday’s online Israel Philharmonic concert, hosted by Helen Mirren, was disrupted by cyberattackers.

Viewers trying to log in to the platform had their access blocked. After 20 minutes of logjam and disruption, Catherine Lou, chief financial officer for American Friends of the IPO, notified 13,000 pre-registered concertgoers that the concert had been ‘cyber attacked by someone trying to sabotage the event.’

Both IPO and Medici sites crashed. Both have now been restored. You can watch the full concert below.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Helen Mirren, in her closing remarks, said: ‘Stay safe and know that this will pass. But music will be with us forever. Thank God for music.’


  • annnon says:

    Guess the IPO is not protected by the same security staff as El Al.

  • noreen says:

    was a fabulous concert

  • Happy to say I had no problem watching all the way through.

  • James Inverne says:

    I heard about problems on Medici due to cyberattackers, but I watched it via Facebook and had no issues – a great concert!

  • Medici Technology? says:

    What if just had technical issues which is not surprising given their dated technology?

    • Sue Sonata Form says:

      I have had a LOT of trouble with Medici, including simply cancelling my subscription. Finally I had to get onto American Express and they pulled the fee and refused to pay it.

      They are amateurs.

  • operacentric says:

    I was unable to login with my Medici ID during the concert. Fortunately it’s available on Replay – the Martin Fröst item is priceless

  • Jaspers John says:

    Bless her.