Catholic composer is suspended over misconduct accusations

The liturgical composer David Haas has been dropped by his publisher and distanced by the St-Paul Minneapolis archdiocese after a number of women alleged sexual misconduct on his part.

Haas, 63, has fiercely denied the accusations.

Reports here and here.

Post by GIA Publications:

Early this year we became aware of allegations of sexual misconduct by David Haas, and we learned the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis was considering a decision not to provide him a letter of suitability. In response, we suspended our sponsorship and publishing relationship with Mr. Haas, and have not sponsored his work since late January.

New allegations of sexually abusive conduct by Mr. Haas continue to be reported. We take these reports seriously. GIA Publications supports and stands with victims. We must join together to address and prevent sexual abuse.


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    • He’s CATHOLIC. So of course he’s guilty. We all know how THEY are, right?

      But seriously, he denies it so I still say innocent until proven guilty. Just like Joe Biden.

      I just read a few details. The youngest alleged victim was 19. No age of consent issues here.

      “The pattern that emerges from the reports we’ve received on Haas’s behavior constitutes a repeated, unethical abuse of the professional and spiritual power he has had in church music circles. Haas has allegedly targeted multiple women using techniques that abuse prevention experts identify as grooming, to create conditions in which women felt obligated to perform sexual favors in exchange for professional opportunities. His generosity, we are told, often came with a sexual price tag,”

      Notice that the women FELT obliged. No force, no demands, just feelings. Women feeling hurt and making false abuse charges is not uncommon. I don’t know what the rules are in church music circles are though. Are composers supposed to remain celibate? I thought EVERYONE catholic was supposed to before marriage. So let’s be even handed and boot out all the women who have had sex too.

  • It may be that the hypocritical music is an indication of the mindset of the maker. People could have been warned in advance.

    • He’s a Catholic John!

      Dioceses across the world are taking bankruptcy and turning all of their victims into ‘creditors’ instead of going to court ‘just like everybody else’ would and TAKING RESPONSIBILITY.

      Religions of any sort clearly can’t exist without an expensive ‘legal team’ to guide them.

    • I played it to my cat and it slinked away after 1/2 minute. Then I played it to my PA and she indignantly withdrew in the cellar to listen to some of her Boulez recordings. I think it could be effective as an anti-burglar device.

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