Broadway confirms closure into 2021

Broadway confirms closure into 2021


norman lebrecht

June 29, 2020

To no great surprise, the Broadway League confirmed today that no theatre will reopen before January 3, 2021 at the earliest.

League president Charlotte St. Martin said: ‘We are determined to bring back the people who rely on this industry for their livelihood, and to welcome back all those who love this vital part of New York City, as soon as it is safe to do so.’


  • BP says:

    Where do things stand in the UK ? Simon Halsey has stated in interview that the Bridgewater Hall and Southbank Centre are to be closed through next April ?

    • Stephen Diviani says:

      Cameron Mackintosh has announced that none of his shows in the West End will re-open until next year, which almost certainly means other producers will follow his lead. I heard that the new Wigmore season may not happen, although nothing has been confirmed yet. Who knows. I have now written off 2020: I’m off to Spain in September for a long holiday at a friend’s house and that’s it – apart from listening to Opera Rara recordings in the comfort of my own home. Qua sera, sera, we’ll all be completely………….

  • Sue Sonata Form says:

    “Safe to do so”? That will be a very long wait if you take into account the daily depredations of life and risk: motor vehicle accidents, falls, crime, illness, fire, flood, climate catastrophe. The list is long.

    Open up!! There IS such a thing as a fate worse than death. Being afraid to live has got to be right up there.

    • John Kelly says:

      There is no fate worse than death personally speaking (unless it is going back to my ex wife). As you might deduce from the US News, the “open up” scenario (what I call the Brazilian approach to the virus) is resulting pretty quickly in LOTS more cases. The USA is the worst virus situation in the world, in a country that put a man on the moon in 1969…….it’s an absolute tragedy and a disgrace.
      Any one person may only have a 3% chance of dying (though there is the expense of hospitalization to either themselves or the taxpayer for the 20% who need that- and the inconvenience to others who might need treatment for – say – cancer) but I have lost a LOT of poker hands where the “other guy” only has a 3% chance of winning…….. My nephew is a doc at Mount Sinai in NYC “the sickest people I’ve ever seen in my life” -trust me, you don’t want to get this, and you certainly don’t want to bring it home to grandma. As a result of some actual LEADERSHIP by Governor Cuomo the cases in NYC are now very low and the lowest hospitalization in the last several months. Result. And it didn’t come from “opening up” though we are finally opening up now somewhat. We can wait for Broadway, the Met, the NYPO and Carnegie Hall until it is safe for audiences, workers and musicians. Nothing less is even remotely sensible.

    • Professional Pit Musician says:

      Seriously? Are you for real? The risk of viral transmission by singing (Broadway, Opera) is too
      dangerous to risk the lives of actors, singers, dancers, orchestral musicians, as well as stagehands and other essential backstage personnel.

      “Fate worse than death?” How about the Broadway actor John Cordero, who is still battling for his life, and suffered an amputation of a leg, due to this
      Covid19? You ok with that? Just so you can “Live”..

      And it appears you aren’t aware of the
      tragic rise of this virus since certain States
      “opened up”. Or maybe you just don’t care.

      Your “observation” is ignorant, selfish, and redolent of the “this virus is a hoax” sentiment which thrives in the right-wing population here in the US.

      • John Kelly says:

        Yes, Darwin at work in those cases methinks……….

      • Ronisha Jones says:

        It was the Left Wing that chose to ‘protest’, riot, destroy public and private property and loot en masse placing both themselves and EVERYONE else they have come into contact with at risk!

        A lot of us are planning to sue these people who willfully exposed us and our loved ones to this illness now that there are more cases because of their reckless disregard for science!

        PS I voted for Hillary Clinton but because of this disregard for their fellow man I have changed my party from Democrat to Republican and shall vote for President Trump!

        The Left is collectively mentally ill and now inflicting their hate in the form of COVID19.

        I’ve had enough of the Dems daily pity party and Trump-hate.

        I want to enjoy the rest of my life, work, love and be happy. Not a miserable woman with a “D” like Hillary with no husband, no job and no self-respect!!!

        My blackness and sex are MY OWN!

    • RM says:

      These ultra right wing Social Darwinist/Libertarians have caused enough trouble in this world already with your “See ’em all die and let the gods sort ’em out” philosophy. Even gives Philosophy a bad name.

      And say hi to Ayn Rand when you see her…

      • UY says:

        Heay RM!

        You’re broke so you have no seat at the table.

        Get out of the WORKING MAN’S way!!!

        • RM says:

          sorry to “break” it to you but…

          not broke.

          You faux populists get what you deserve.

          • Feona Wrigley says:

            We’re quite happy with Trump and elated that Hillary is in hiding.

            Nobody’s “standing with her” anymore.

            She’s become irrelevant and quite silent at a time when she should have gotten onto Tele and impressed upon her cohorts that peaceful protests are the legitimate way to get one’s point across.

            The whining, destruction, looting and HIGHLY at-risk mass mobs in very close quarters shoulder to shoulder without masks (even if you’re using one as you steal and deface somebody else’s property) is reckless to every community this was perpetrated against!

            No. She’s showing everyone what she’s always been about.


    • sandy says:

      yes!!! open up!!! no prob whatsoever! these people have nothing better to do than to stay home and don’t care whether they have any work or not. and, no masks necessary! forget social distancing! hey, sue, go pop open a cold corona! buy one get one free, except your free one is the corona virus. enjoy!

  • Skippy says:

    Until there’s a vaccine, the performing arts will remain in hibernation.

  • NYMike says:

    Nice photo of the MET orchestra pit.

  • Angela says:

    Thoughtful decision!