Breaking: Bavaria puts state theatre in quarantine

Almost the entire ensemble of the Nuremberg Sattstheater have been out back in quarantine after one member tested positive for Covid-19.

No messing about in Bavaria.

Read here.

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  • NoExaggeration Please says:

    By far not the whole ensemble!! It is the Schauspielensemble – just the actors. No singers, no chorus, no orchestra.
    Do you tend to exaggerate in order to attract readers? Bad manners!! 🙁

  • Henry williams says:

    This is the problem . Corona may be around for a long time.

  • John Borstlap says:

    Terrible story.

    But amusing; Satttheater means: the saturated theatre. With what, one wonders.

    • Leopold says:

      Yes, it is really amazing how often very simple German names are spelled wrongly in English texts. Somewhat embarrassing. Shouldn’t be so hard to look up the correct spelling.

      Staat, Stadt, statt, satt, …

    • Brettermeier says:

      “Satttheater means: the saturated theatre.”

      Somewhat, but not entirely right, because it’s not bijective.

      Nevertheless, “Sattstheater” sounds like “Satztheater” which would translate to “Sentence Theater”.

  • Bonsai says:

    If by ‚almost the entire ensemble‘ you mean almost the entire ensemble of the play division, only one of three sectors of the performing arts at this house, it is correct.

  • News from Germany says:

    „State Theatre Nuremberg management puts parts of it‘s acting division in quarantine“ would have been right.

  • No Exaggerating says:

    Interesting censorship going on here! What a shame that you deleted my comment. I will make this public.

  • Andreas B. says:

    Not Bavaria – not the entire ensemble – no member tested positive.

    More accurately:
    The theatre Intendant asked the drama (Schauspiel) ensemble to quarantine and self isolate after a family member was tested positive.

    Apparently, other parts of the staatstheater (opera, dance) remain unaffected so far.
    Socially distanced/ openair performances continue to take place.

    Read here:

  • Andreas B. says:

    The pictured ‘Germanisches Nationalmuseum’ is not connected to this story.
    No quarantine, still open.

  • Brettermeier says:

    “Nuremberg Sattstheater”

    Staatstheater Nürnberg

    PS: Your link isn’t working because it’s missing a “t” at the end:,S3Bi5zt

    PPS: The slippedisc logo is still missing when scrolling down. Specifically, this one: <- No such file.

    I'll remind you again in October. 😉

  • George says:

    The “Intendanz” chose to quarantine members of the acting ensemble after one family member tested positive. There’s no official regulation from the Bavarian health offices.

  • Maistersinger says:

    Warum wird der offensichtliche und benannte Schreibfehler im Text nicht bearbeitet? Die Überschrift bitte auch. So ist sie schlichtweg falsch.

    • Brettermeier says:

      “Warum wird der offensichtliche und benannte Schreibfehler im Text nicht bearbeitet?”

      Dass weis niemant .

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