Berlin ‘is losing its art allure’

Fascinated piece by Guy Chazan in the FT on an unreported crisis in the visual arts:

…. all the collectors leaving the German capital have their own unique reasons for doing so. “But the fact there are now so many examples of this shows that Berlin is no easy patch,” she says. The exodus is “an absolutely tragic development for Berlin as a centre for art and culture”.

Read on here.


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  • Ah well, the ‚Emperor‘s New Clothes‘ fraction of the art business is moving to better fishing grounds. Don‘t let the door kick you in the back on the way out.
    Maybe it has a net positive effect on real estate and renting prices in Berlin.

    • Amen. It will be interesting to see whether that happens; the arrival of art galleries in affordable areas of York has traditionally sent rents soaring.

  • I like the choice of the photo: Karajan’s hotel in Berlin. Musically speaking, the city has indeed lost a lot of its allure since his death in 1989.

  • The art world centers on fakery anyway. Read Patricia Highsmith’s delightful takeoff of the art world in Ripley Underground which deals in the counterfeit art world. It is hilarious and sad at the same time. Philip Derwatt is a wonderful creation by the author as is Ripley.

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