Baden-Baden in major takeover

Baden-Baden in major takeover


norman lebrecht

June 29, 2020

The town of Baden-Baden has bought out the private owners of the Festspielhaus, for reasons unexplained.

The cost of the 25-year lease was 18.4 million Euros, 11.3 million of which was obtained by loan. The venue is an elite site on the European cultural spectrum.

Details here.


  • caranome says:

    “for reasons unexplained.” ?? Easy. Unload now before it becomes even less valuable.

  • Concertgoer says:

    Missing news here is that they were taking online orders for Fall 2020 events ten days ago, and now they are not.

  • Hermann Lederer says:

    This is no surprise and no news at all. It was always planned for this year.