An orchestra, with ballet – in Covid times

Believe it.

This is the Rotterdam Philharmonic, who have led from the front by way of ingenuity right though this horrible time in human history.

This video has just gone online.

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  • Well, let’s be clear; this is a nice, well-produced video, but it does not show an orchestra and ballet company in live performance together. Multiple small groups have been filmed in the same space, and edited together. It doesn’t seem to me that there were more than 4 or 5 artists on the stage together at any given time.

    • Hi! Unfortunatley due the pandemic and the protocols, we were not allowed to stay all together on stage, I think you can understand that. Dancing and playing like before is not anymore possible, if you see how the world is now.
      From Monday we will play properly finally with a larger stage! Bye!

    • Great to see this.
      If everyone was in the same space at the same time, the videographer discounted its value with the dim , artistic lighting. We cannot see the spacial lineup

  • Lots of space between artists but even that might not be effective since studies indicate that playing an instrument spreads droplets widely which can contain the virus. And as another poster writes, these films are edited and put together again.

    If you lose one of these people, what then? To me, it is not worth the risk. Sorry. Wait a bit longer.

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