You want chorus? Go Welsh

Every valley shall be exalted.

Welsh National Opera Chorus

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  • Outstanding/superb. Very nostalgic. Brought tears to my eyes as my dad used to sing it in English xx

  • One of my favourite Welsh songs – and my mother’s too. It brought tears to my eyes. The WNO was my artistic home and it’s wonderful to know that its Chorus is singing as well as ever. Proof indeed that the Welsh have harmony in their souls.
    Diolch yn fawr.

  • Bryn Terfel said he was deeply moved when, at the end of his first Meistersinger, he faced the WNO chorus hailing his Sachs with a glorious “Wach auf, es nahet gen den Tag”. Hearing this, I can tell why. Superlative singing.

  • Originally, an American revival hymn, known as “I Am Coming, Lord” or “I Hear Thy Welcome Voice,” written in 1872 by the Methodist evangelist Lewis Hartsough. The Welsh lyrics are by John Roberts, better-known as Ieuan Gwyllt.

  • Honestly I have seeing thousands of this Videos and I am extremely disapointed with the professional musicians in general. Choirs without any budget or offices are doing better jobs then this exemple. I am sorry for saying like this but, this is a missed chance for a musical revolution.

    Since the 80’s we complain about the classical music struggle and, when change is in our sight we just answer with the most lazy proposals. The bigger the budget, worst the respond.

    The same applied for Orchestras and Theaters.

    Where is the professionalism? The sound is amateur, the video is amateur, the proposal ist non existent.

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