Worst-ever classical nostalgia album?

Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer…. this is Warner’s symphonic exploitation of lost youth.

Blurb: German DJ duo Milk & Sugar’s selection of unforgettable Ibiza club classics, meaning legendary dance tracks, were arranged for and recorded by the Munich Symphony Orchestra. The newly arranged pieces cross genre boundaries, opening up a unique sound cosmos. This project combines the love for electronic club music with the authenticity of the classical performance and thus creates a euphoric journey through the acoustic history of Ibiza

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  • Could we start a list of who might listen to this during long drives, perhaps out to the countryside? I nominate Dominic Cummings.

  • I think a little bit of sick just came up into my mouth….

    “Crossover” works way better the other way around (i.e. great music reinvented as pop).

  • Yes, it’s published by Warner Classics, however:

    I don’t think this is meant to be a “classical album” at all.

    It’s the two DJs’ club music rearranged and sweetened up with symphonic orchestra sound.

    ‘Easy listening’ crossover perhaps – it doesn’t really claim to be anything else, blurb notwithstanding.

    A matter of taste, certainly – still, I had fun recording it …
    and even made it onto a CD cover for the first time!

  • Is it worse than Louis Clark and the Royal Philharmonic’s 1981 “Hooked on Classics”?

    I’d need to know before I put any money down.

    If it’s not worse, I’m not interested.

    • Indeed. But around here you are not free to “enjoy.” You have to adhere to someone or other’s strict standards of taste.

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