This is what drive-in concert looks like

Lithuania resumed live concerts this weekend under strict distancing regulations.

The audience, in their cars, were told to swish their windscreen wipers as a token of applause.

This is not going to work in classical music.

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  • I agree, this is most definitely not going to work in classical music. But some have already suggested it.

  • Guess they’d have to do without public WC’s if they want to maintain social distancing. Go in the woods?

  • Personally, I love this idea. Especially since PBS is showing so little classical music these days. You can eat, drink and talk all you want, without bothering anybody.

    • And COUGH! Ah, sweet release…

      Or recline your seat and take a nap — and then cough when you wake up. It’ll be even better than the real thing! (Although it might be less fun if you can’t disturb anyone else)

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