There’s a music professor in First Dates Hotel

There’s a music professor in First Dates Hotel


norman lebrecht

May 18, 2020

Don’t all rush at once, but a popular UK Channel 4 dating show tomorrow features ‘Jonathan, a slightly eccentric music professor, who reveals he’s looking for magic in a relationship’.

Wonder if he’s tried string quartets.



  • Doug says:


  • Brian viner says:

    The only magic in a relationship is my money vanishing from my wallet

  • psq says:

    A programme with the same name in English can also be seen on German TV. The team of hotel staff and the “programme presenter” are of course not the same.

    In addition, this “programme presenter” leads another team of staff in another TV programme called First Date in which participants are paired up for a blind date dinner.

    • Brian viner says:

      Do not talk to me about blind dates. I once went on one to a concert her drinks in
      The interval cost me more than the tickets.