Report: Chopin Competition may postpone

Report: Chopin Competition may postpone


norman lebrecht

May 01, 2020

We’re hearing from political sources in Warsaw that the Chopin Competition, scheduled for October, may be deferred to 2021.

An announcement is expected on Monday, subject to the usual weekend political machinations.



The Chopin is the world’s premier piano competition, held every five years.


  • Buddah says:

    Only for Asians.

    • Günter says:

      Great comment.

      The Asian’s can do our new-age pseudo-aesthetic of what we think classical music is about (finger-acrobatics, metric rhythm, metronome, smooth delivery, …), a thousand times better than the Europeans themselves can!

      The problem is not the Asians be the Europeans themselves… busy replacing themselves, their heritage, their identify in all aspects of live. (At least they don’t lie, when they honour Asians, at better performing that fake classical aesthetic that they have been telling themselves for years… is what what they believe classical music is about)

    • Hi Buddah says:

      Really? Because before Seong-jin Cho, previous winners included Yulianna Avdeeva and Rafał Blechacz

  • fliszt says:

    The blatant xenophobia demonstrated in these comments is nauseating. Listen with your ears, not with your eyes. And then take your racist hypocrisy to your favorite Chinese restaurant for that yummy Peking Duck that you love so much.

    • ChopSui says:

      On man’s “we are all the same”, is another man’s “watering down of culture, identity , spirit and soul”.

      I’m with the 2nd man on this.