No more Notting Hill Carnival

The carnival, which usually draws a million people onto the streets of west London on the last weekend in August, has been scrapped this year due to Coronavirus.



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    • My first thought when I read the story. Is it helpful to try to make things sound even worse than they already are? We have enough blows without adding to them with overstatement and word choices that add fuel to the fire.

      I try to remember that the dreadful Spanish flu of the post-WWI period. That was followed by the Roaring 20s…I try to live in hope.

      • People largely let the Spanish flu do its worst. It spread quickly, peaked, and then was largely over after 2-3 months. Everything then went back to normal. But then, they were used to regular pandemics back then.

  • Agreed, no need for the headline to be this dramatic.

    Looking forward to dancing in the streets with you all in 2021!

  • Agree that it’s a thoroughly misleading headline. NHC, like almost every other summer event, is cancelled for this year ONLY. It will be back, more beautiful than ever, in August 2021.

    The only oddity is that it took the organiser (NHCL) and its ‘Strategic Partners’ (Met Police, K&C and Westminster Councils, London Ambulance Service, TfL etc) so long to make the announcement. Many carnival groups had already pulled out weeks beforehand, realising the risks to their members and to the NHS were too great.

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