Miami renews music director

Miami renews music director


norman lebrecht

May 03, 2020

Despite longterm lockdown, the  Miami Symphony Orchestra has extended Eduardo Marturet to 2027.

He said: “I strongly believe we are entering into a new world order, and are privilege to be more together than ever before. I’m extremely proud of our artistic achievements and the lives we have enriched together, and look forward to five more years of exciting music experiences with the Miami Symphony.”

Go figure.



  • After the Florida Philharmonic folded in 2003, Miami was left without a professional symphony orchestra (for a metro population of 5 million.) The Miami Symphony Orchestra is a small operation that does not even have a wiki article. It’s website contains one page. It is difficult to even obtain any information about it. Such is our new world order in the USA.

  • Doug says:

    “We are entering a new world order [sic]…” but let’s stick with the same old, same old.

  • fflambeau says:

    Miami has a population of over 6 million. Disappointing symphony orchestra for a city that size.

  • CA says:

    Won’t be any concerts anytime soon. I predict they fold. Many others too.

  • Peggy says:

    The East Coast of Florida is not known for its culture. On the other hand, Sarasota on the West Coast has the outstanding Sarasota Orchestra and Tampa has the Florida Orchestra — both excellent and well attended ensembles.

  • ira says:

    the new world symphony, created and conducted by michael tilson-thomas, serves very well as miami’s orchestra. it’s comprised of young musicians who spend up to three years training before going on to professional orchestras [boston has at least three].

    • Enrique Sanchez says:

      But the NWS remains an orchestra for those who can afford its increasingly expensive seats. About the only thing to attend if you are only modestly appointed in your finances are the regular WALLCAST concerts projected live to those who want to sit on the ground.

  • Alejandra says:

    The Miami Symphony has being doing a great work under the Directon of Eduardo Marturet. They care about the community, they do free concerts for all kind of audiences and have great social programs for families and children. Bravo MISO

    • MISO is a fraudulent orchestra who still owes back pay as far back as 2012-2013 seasons. The reason that they do free concerts is because they are paid for by the design district (hardly an area that needs free community concerts)…and it is the only way the organization is staying afloat. There are very few “professional” players who play with the group, as it has become glorified amateur/community orchestra. Just watch the youtube channel (or “digital concert hall” as they call it) to remove any doubt. The major foundations in Miami won’t touch MISO with funding, and it is a shame that Miami-Dade County will not follow suit. Norman should be ashamed putting up any articles about this group as “news” (just like the South Florida Symphony), unless it’s their demise.
      The latest example of their fraud…4 weeks ago, they informed the community that their “board” are “committed” to paying their musicians for the final four missed concerts. Last week they send an email now “they are doing their best to pay, so please give to their critical relief fund”.
      Congratulations Maestro Marturet… you get to keep your vanity project for another 7 years….I guess you should since you are paying for a good chunk of it.

      • NYMike says:

        I’m guessing that the negative thumbs-down count on your comment is by those far away from the Miami music scene – including NLB – who know nothing about its history. There was once a Miami Philharmonic…..

  • Daniela says:

    I totally agree with Maestro Marturet in saying we are entering a new world order. China’s new currency is just the tip of the iceberg. As a full time medical practitioner working in Miami I can fully support this vision. While I confess being a huge fan of his, and his work with the Miami Symphony, it is undeniable the amazing contribution the Orchestra has been to the city’s cultural fabric. Sadly living in what many people cynically describe as “alligator county”, the envy and competition is ferocious.

    If any of the illustrious readers of this blog cares to check their video THE COMEBACK
    which has recently become viral in social media and seen by over 500,000 people, you will understand my enthusiasm.

    It has also deserved two major network interviews for CNN and NEWSMAX TV where he confirms the absolute support in honoring the musicians contracts for the cancelled season. This is not only unique in Miami but also across the USA!

    • Former MISO Musicians says:

      Bravo parroting MISO talking points Daniela! I’m guessing you work for them as staff, or are one of the community orchestra members. Not to be petty, but you say that video has 500k views? Your link says 7k. Also, can you describe how MISO is part of the “cultural fabric” when it is literally the pariah organization of Miami, with very little support.

      • Carlos says:

        To use your own words, you are petty, very petty indeed! Whoever she might be, she is not afraid to show her name. Unlike others who can not be themselves without a mask…!

        • Former MISO Musician says:

          Again Carlos, you are not responding to anything I’ve actually detailed. Forgive me if I’m less than impressed that “Daniela” revealed her name which happens to be pretty common in Miami and within the Miami Symphony organization. Again Carlos, never paying musicians for past years work is inexcusable, and something that has been swept under the rug. How can you defend that? The above comments are correct and Miami Symphony SHOULD fold, and give the name to a new board/organization that can truly build something that lives up to its name instead of this fraudulent charade.