Martha jumps in on Swiss easing

Martha jumps in on Swiss easing


norman lebrecht

May 28, 2020

Christian Berzins of CH Media tells us that the Swiss authorities are permitting events with up to 300 people from June 6.

That number may be reviewed upwards next week.

First to jump on the revival waggon is Martha Argerich. She will play the opening concert of the Engadin Festival on August 2, replacing the intended Khatia Buniatishvili.

Martha in the mountains; what’s not to like?


  • Schoenberglover says:

    It’s great that she’s playing but shouldn’t she be shielding herself from Covid at home given her age? I do worry about putting such geniuses at unnecessary risk…

    • Lewes Bird says:

      I’m sure she’s perfectly aware of what’s going on, and perfectly capable of deciding for herself what’s best for her, without your or anyone else’s well-intended advice.

    • Brian viner says:

      She is taking a chance at her age and she has had many health problems.
      It is not worth it.

      • SVM says:

        Presumably, Argerich has weighed-up the risks and made an informed decision as to whether it is “worth it”, taking both physical and mental health risks into account. I imagine she is probably *not* desperately short of money, so it is unlikely that she would be performing under duress.

        • Brian viner says:

          It is not an issue about money music is an addiction one cannot live without it. As i once wrote i would rather listen to my records than go
          Abroad. Or If i go on vacation i go around record shops.

  • Zvi Netanel says:

    It’s Khatia, not Katia

  • WeAreThePeople says:

    You’re stupid and ignorant person, you are commodity of your handlers! Shrink out from the sunshine in your darkness!