Maestro plays concerto with his distanced Mum

Marcelo Lehninger, at the Grand Rapids Symphony, is missing his mother – the pianist SĂ´nia Goulart – who has been locked for two months in her apartment in Rio de Janeiro.

So they got together, after the fashion of the times.



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    • Mike: you are right, the Grand Rapids Symphony needs attention. As a matter fact, any orchestra, any cultural organization needs attention, during this delicate moment, to find ways to survive and to keep connect with its audience. As per intimate family contact, I wish I could give my mom a tight hug right now, but we are 5,289 miles apart. Thanks to technology we were able to make music together (and with the orchestra), sending a message of love to all moms. Some of them, like mine, will spend Mother’s Day alone, confined in her apartment.
      Wishing you all the best. Please stay safe and healthy.

    • What a sourpuss. My family came but had to keep their distance. great to be able to make a tribute to all Mums in this way.

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