Maestro, 90, starts teaching on-line

The venerable conducting teacher Jorma Panula, who turns 90 in August, has joined Zoom to teach masterclasses this summer.

The course is open to conductors, everywhere.

Not, perhaps, to the delicate egos. Panula is tough as nails. Watch the vid for details.

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  • “Tough as nails?” Hardly.

    Having studied with him in Stockholm at the Academy, I found him to be a generous soul who gave space to his students to learn and experiment. He would gladly answer questions but would rarely impose his views on the student, rather he would encourage them to conduct and rehearse in a way that also respects the musicians that they direct. Like every great teacher, he understands that you can’t teach anyone anything. You can only give them the tools to teach themselves.

  • Let me know if I can get in ?

  • SVM says:

    Interesting variety of editions on display. Hans Gál for Brahms, Del Mar for Beethoven, but I could not see which for Mozart (but it looked like a Dover reprint?)… Are we to understand these editions as Panula’s recommendations?

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