Kid makes recording with accompanist he’s never seen

Kid makes recording with accompanist he’s never seen


norman lebrecht

May 02, 2020

Julien Brocal discovered the voice of Cai Thomas while recovering from Covid-19.

So he contacted him to make a thanksgiving record of Arvo Pärt’s Vater Unser, 250 miles apart and never having met.


  • schweigundtanze says:

    Is there any doubt Arvo Pärt is the greatest living composer for several decades now? How fortunate we are to still have his soul.

  • Alan says:

    Why has You Tube removed this video?

  • pjl says:

    from a remarkable church choir in Farnham which has made several cds some with the great Jeremy Filsell on organ

  • Johan van Zyl says:

    Most amazing singing and piano playing 250 miles apart and never having met, the story behind it makes it even more wonderful! Arvo Part is incredible and this justifies his composing.

  • BillOxford says:

    To Jay and Stefan, who describe the recording as ‘dreadful’. It would be helpful to those genuinely interested in vocal music if each of you might offer some actual detail in your critiques; anyone (even someone who’s unable to recognise accurate pitch) can write off a performance with one word. I anticipate your expanded comments. Thank you!

  • SVM says:

    The recording is reasonably effective in essentials, but the dynamics, balance, and tempo lack the sophistication that one would expect in a live performance. And, whilst I can hear the singer’s voice, it does not project very effectively, and the timbre we heard from it strikes me as unsuited to the repertoire. The casual attire is dreadfully sloppy, and utterly inappropriate (especially the hoodie!).

    I would be interested to hear the details of how the recording was made, and how/whether they rehearsed: judging by the fact that only the singer was wearing headphones, I would guess that he was following the accompanist (with the accompanist unable to adapt/react instantaneously to the singer).