Katharina Wagner is ‘stable’

The Bayreuth Festival has issued a bulletin on its absent chief.

It says Katharina, 42, is ‘still seriously ill, but on the way to stabilization.’

The statement added: ‘The recovery process will take months.’


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  • It’s a repeat of how they handled Wieland’s early death: Total silence on cause or type of illness. Much much later, it was divulged he’d had lung cancer. Wagners evidently don’t like revealing their specific medical news.

    • They’ve been forthcoming about Katharina Wagner’s medical leave. I believe that is the only public matter.
      The rest is none of our business.

  • Very sad news that she’s ill, and good news that she seems to be making a recovery. The details of her health are frankly nobody’s business but her’s and her family and friends.

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