Just in: Yannick is selling his baton

Just in: Yannick is selling his baton


norman lebrecht

May 17, 2020

Well, it’s not as though he’ll be needing it any time soon…


… and it is for a good cause: feeding the poor in Quebec during the pandemic.

When he says ‘baguette’, he does not mean an elongated loaf of bread.

Start bidding now.



  • Really???? says:

    “Well, it’s not as though he’ll be needing it any time soon…”????


    Why do you even have a website dedicated to classical music, if you seem to hate everyone that has to do with it so much????

    • Robert Fitzpatrick says:

      1. All of his performances have been cancelled until further notice because of the current health situation world-wide.

      2. He has almost completely abandoned “la baguette” and conducts mostly ” `a mains nues”

      3. I don’t believe Norman hates Yannick.

      4. Nice gesture on the part of YN-S.

    • Player says:

      You’re too defensive. (So many question marks!!!!) Norman doesn’t hate “everyone that has to do” with classical music. Do you disagree with him or just not see that a little levity, even in terrible times, can be healthy?

      • Brian says:

        Thanks to Norman we have this wonderful website. I have learnt a lot from this about classical music . Also he has a sense of humour

        • NamelessStick says:

          Couldn’t agree more. Besides the sense of humour, Norman’s contribuition to classical music has been of paramount importance!

  • sam says:

    Why did Yannick get rid of his baguette?

    Because it was a pain.

  • Pare says:

    He’s more altruistic than James Levine or the MET is during this immense period of human suffering.

    Too bad they can’t learn from this adult.


  • Edgar Self says:

    I love this site and agree in crediting Mr. Lebrecht for it, also that humor helps.

    For a classical music site, I see posts on Nina Simone, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Louie Armstrong, “Sweet Georgia Brown” and other old friends I didn’t expect to find here, Even 18 of 20 albums that changed Leonard Slatkin’s life. Like Brian, I learn much about music and feel horizons expand gainfully if painfully. Not all words are for all eyes. As Emily Dickinson bituced, “The soul selets its own society / And shuts the door.”

    I like to think and write about music, but as Stravinsky said, “Wher anyone writes two words about music, one word will be wrong,” so he let Robert Craft do it for him. Also playing and listening, reading, and exchanging experience and opinions with others around the world. I guess it shows.

    I wish there were more interaction between commenters. Even posts or questions addressed by name are over-looked, and many follow only the latest days’ topics. To ensure quick reply, I include mistake or insult in every post. Anonymity confers impunity. On the internet, no-one knows you’re a dog.

    The posts from professionals are of special interest. . We are a minority and need to remember which side we’re own, family quarrels aside. Who else even knows what we’re talking about?

    “Life without Music would be a mistake.” — Friedrich Nietzsche, poor fellow,for him it was.