Just in: Muti will conduct Italy’s first post-lockdown concert

Just in: Muti will conduct Italy’s first post-lockdown concert


norman lebrecht

May 22, 2020

The Ravenna Festival will start on June 21 with an open-air concert led by Riccardo Muti in the city’s 15th century fortress, Rocca Brancaleone.

Riccardo Muti will conduct around 60 members of the Luigi Cherubini Youth Orchestra. Social distancing rules will be observed by artists, staff and 250 masked audience members.

The concert will consist of Scriabin’s Rêverie, followed by Mozart’s Exultate, jubilate and Et incarnatus est from the Mass in C minor (soloist Rosa Feola), concluding with the Jupiter symphony.

It’s a start.


  • Old Man in the Midwest says:

    There you go.

    Throw the little kids to the wolves since the adults won’t do it.

  • annnon says:

    The infection rate for young people is as high as the general population, it’s just that they are asymptomatic, thus the person most at risk for infection AND illness in that entire orchestra is … 80 year old Riccardo Muti.

    Riccardo, don’t do it, of all the ways to go, the coronavirus is among the least pleasant ones.

  • Jim says:

    The first Italian concert after Covid-19 will be June 1st in Rome, in presence of Republic President Sergio Mattarella, who invited in the Presidential palast Quirinale maestro Daniele Gatti top conduct Rome Opera Orchestra.
    The concert will be streamed live on Italian first television channel Rai1 (and also on http://www.raiplay.it) starting at 6.45 pm to 8.00 pm.
    President Mattarella spoke of “rebirth of Italian classical music”.
    Here the Italian official announcement.

    In occasione della Festa della Repubblica, nel Palazzo del Quirinale, l’Orchestra del Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, diretta dal Maestro Daniele Gatti, sarà protagonista dell’appuntamento musicale per testimoniare la ripartenza dell’Italia.