IMG man takes charge at Belgian orchestra

Ronan Tighe has just been named artistic director of the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra.

The Irishman, 45, a former artists manager at IMG Artists, went on to become artistic director at the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra in New Zealand. He starts work in Antwerp immediately.

Antwerp’s chief conductor is Elim Chan. She is not with IMG.

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  • Ronan has been an excellent artistic director for the APO. This orchestra has historically had miserly funding from central government, and hence a need to programme frequent classical ‘warhorses’ in order to maximise ticket revenue. Nevertheless, the artistic directors of the APO have consistently managed to programme numerous contemporary, or at least post-1950 works. Last year the APO gave the long-overdue first NZ performance of Ligeti’s violin concerto. A major highlight of Tighe’s tenure for me was the recent co-commission of Abrahamsen’s horn concerto; the other sponsors being the Berlin Phil, NHK orchestra, and the Seattle SO.

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