Igor Levit reopens the Vienna Symphony

The orchestra has rolled out short-measure concerts for June and July, with no interval and a maximum permitted attendance of 100.

The first guest on June 5 is Igor Levit, as pianist and conductor.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Ouvertüre zum Singspiel “Der Schauspieldirektor” KV 486

Edvard Grieg „Aus Holbergs Zeit“, Suite op. 40

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Konzert für Klavier und Orchester Nr. 12 A-Dur KV 414 (KV 385p)

Next up is the music director Philippe Jordan:

Ludwig van Beethoven Ouvertüre Nr. 3 zur Oper “Leonore” op. 72b
Ludwig van Beethoven Symphonie Nr. 3 Es-Dur op. 55 “Eroica”


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  • Brilliant. I’m told Alondra de la Parra will be playing the last three Beethoven sonatas at the Musikverein next month as well…

  • This is just an exercise in futility. I hope the 100 people there enjoy, but there is no future in this kind of charade.

    Be original, music industry. Be disruptive. Do something outside of the ordinary. But just reopening concert halls with 100 people in there is a great way to go broke quickly.

    It baffles me that this is what the geniuses at the helms of the great musical institutions have come up with. Shame.

      • Not my job, pal.

        But what they’re planning is akin to jumping out of the top floor of a skyscraper that’s on fire. Option 3 might take some creativity to get to, but it’s far better than taking that leap or going down in flames.

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