Death of German film composer, 94

Peter Thomas, who died on Sunday in Lugano, composed music for 100 German feature films and 550 TV series.

He was probably best known for ‘Space Patrol’ in the 1960s and ‘Raumpatrouille’, which was used by the Brit-Pop band Pulp in their 1998 album ‘This is Hardcore’.

FAZ obit here.

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  • Norman, Raumpatrouille is just German for Space Patrol. The (German) TV show for which Peter Thomas wrote the music was “Raumpatrouille – Die phantastischen Abenteuer des Raumschiffes Orion”, known in the UK simply as “Space Patrol Orion”. This shouldn’t be confused with Gerry Anderson’s “Space Patrol” which was an entirely different programme and which (to add to the confusion) aired in the US as “Planet Patrol”. So, in the context of Peter Thomas, it’s not a case of Space Patrol and Raumpatrouille; they’re one and the same thing

  • RIP Peter Thomas. A brilliant composer whose ‘Moonflowers and Mini Skirts’ helped kick off an entire revival of lounge-a-delica, his legacy (and hipness) is forever sealed!

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