Breaking: French conductor quits

Breaking: French conductor quits


norman lebrecht

May 28, 2020

Hours after his orchestra announced plans for a resumption of concerts, Emmanuel Krivine, quit as music director of the Orchestre national de France.

Krivine, 73, was not due to step down for another year, but he has now issued this peremptory statement via AFP, citing ‘personal reasons’:

Après avoir partagé, avec l’Orchestre national de France et notre fidèle public, tant de beaux moments de musique et d’humanité lors de nos concerts (70 environ), j’ai cependant décidé, pour des raisons personnelles, de mettre fin à mes activités à Radio France.

The orchestra had previously named Cristian Macelaru as his successor.




  • Pedro says:

    Paris and London share the first place of the podium of cities with many orchestras but not a top class one. No Concertgebouw, Vienna or Betlin Phils, Gewandhaus, Dresden Staatskapelle or Bayerische Rundfunks.

    • You are right but the three Paris orchestras deserve respect and they attract big audiences. And historicly Paris is not a city for classical musical music it’s a city more famous for opera and maybe one of the two or three biggest references for ballet in ther world.

      • Pedro says:

        I agree that they can give good performances but only in the very rare occasions when a top conductor conducts them. The ONF with Muti and, a few years ago with Haitink or Gatti, played quite well. The same can be said of the Orchestre de Paris with MTT, judging from recent concerts.

      • V.Lind says:

        References, maybe, but nobody has taken any ballet out of Paris seriously in decades. it is an honourable minor-leaguer at best.

        Produced some good — some great — dancers, but never a company of the front rank.

    • Julien says:

      True and not true. True for 80% of the repertoire. Not true for Daphnis, La Mer or Dutilleux. Orchestre National de France, Philharmonique de Radio France and Orchestre de Paris are unique in this repertoire and often better.

    • BM says:

      J’espère pour vous que vous n’habitez pas à Paris ou Londres sinon vous devez être trop déçu d’y être confiné…

    • robert says:

      You cant be serious?

    • Novagerio says:

      Orchestre de Paris and Orchestre philharmonique de Radio France are excellent orchestras. The London orchestras too, especially LSO, LPO and Philharmonia. They are not as historical as the ones in Dresden, Leipzig, Berlin and Wien that Pedro mentions, but still…