A church choir sings again – several feet apart

The choir of Trondheim Cathedral have been allowed to resume singing, albeit at several paces apart from each other.

UPDATE: Here’s the risk assessment


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  • Perhaps the church can also be accused of taking advantage of the youths doing the singing. Note that there is a mysterious disease, affiliated with the covid virus, that appears to affect young people.

  • Sorry for coming in late, but this is strictly in line with the Norwegian health authorities’ current recommendations for choral singing: less than 30 persons, at least one meter distance between heads, no person with symptoms.

    As amateur music is a very central part of the celebration of our national day (Constitution Day, May 17), especially marching bands, the authorities in late April introduced rules concerning musical practise for orchestras, bands and choruses which are still in effect. No Covid-19 transmission has been reported as a result of this policy, which should not be surprising in a country where the death rate is low.

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