Watch: Ballerina dances solo on her 80th birthday

Kalliopi Venieri danced with American Ballet Theater, the Marquis de Cuevas company and Dutch National Ballet. She worked with George Balanchine and opened a ballet school in Athens.

Here she is, this week, on her 80th birthday.

Full story here.

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  • Beautiful. Moving. Inspiring.

    (Its impact on me was increased, as I recognized the performance of the Mozart: Anda’s was the version I grew up on, making for another link between age and childhood.)

  • Kalliopi is amazing and Vincent Guy and Adam Knight have produced a beautiful little film honouring her. We are very proud to have shown it in the Edinburgh Music Review.

  • Thank you Kalliopi, I enjoyed it.

    The clarity your sylph like movements give to art allows the music another dimension to express itself, as well as express what art is. Without intruding. What it can be. What it is.

    Very helpful and true.

    • Hello Mr. NIzinsky
      I am very flattered with your comments on my choreography and my performance of “Life Story,” still I feel you are using a pseudonomo, I would like to know who you really are …….. ARe you so much of a Vip ? You don’t want me to know who you really are ?

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