Virus toll, week 5: These we have lost

Virus toll, week 5: These we have lost


norman lebrecht

April 24, 2020

In our fifth week of isolation the following deaths were recorded in the music community:

43 Harpsichord pioneer James Weaver

44 Formidable Russian composer Alexander Vustin (pictured)

45 Jazz bassist Henry Grimes

46 Julia Craik, manager of The Premises rehearsal studios in Hackney

47 Virginia composer Walter Braxton

48 Idaho pianist Kelly Hove

49 Broadway costume designer Jennifer Robin Arnold

50 Philadephia tenor sax Bootsie Barnes

51 LA klezmer singer Alby Kass

52 NY Rapper Fred the Godson, 35

53 Baltimore Symphony cellist Eva F Anderson

54 Bournemouth guitar teacher Terry Cheesman, 62



This was week 1.

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  • Don Ciccio says:

    Quando corpus moriétur,
    Fac, ut ánimae donétur
    Paradísi glória.

  • David Sanders says:

    Baltimore Symphony cellist Eva F Anderson was 89 years old and had retired 25 years ago.

  • BradF says:

    You forgot to include Dmitry Smirnov in the list.

  • David Smith says:

    Sorry, but do we really need to number the dead? Can we respect and mourn without labelling each individual with a number. It’s a bit morbid. I’m not sure what the number means – the date order of their death?; the order that the information was received? This is like a memorial wall, and those kind of walls are rarely numbered.

  • Sharon says:

    There are also many who have not been tested but whose deaths may be directly or indirectly related to Covid

    • Saxon Broken says:

      Er…there are only a few for which this is true. Many people who died have had the Covid-19 virus, but it likely only played a small (or no) part in their death. (For instance, they may have had late stage cancer).

      And the lockdown will also raise the number of deaths. For example, many fewer people than normal are being treated for cancer at the moment.