Virus toll, week 4: These we have lost

This was week 1.

Week 2

Week 3.

Now more.

30 Pianist Thom Carr, 67

31 Somali musician Ahmed Ismail Hussein, known as Hudeide, 91.

32 Irish musician, Fran O’Dwyer, 63

33 Abbado organiser Stelio Vinanti


34 Tour organiser Robert Avery

35 Alto sax Lee Konitz

36 US soprano Arlene Saunders

37 Harpsichord pioneer James Weaver

38 French chansonnier Christophe

39 Winchester Cathedral singer Tim Pride

40 David Bowie guitarist Matthew Seligman

41 Jazz musician Giuseppi Logan

42 Nigerian composer Akin Euba


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  • on April 20 Baldo Podic, croation/swiss conductor, who had been conducting a large number of opera performances at many different european opera companies (among others: Deutsche Oper am Rhein Düsseldorf/Duisburg,Bavarian State Opera, Oper Baseletc.) died of covid19 in Lugano,Switzerland at the age of 78.

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