Virus toll, week 3: these we have lost

This was week 1.

And week 2

Now sadly more.

23 Metropolitan Opera violist Vincent Lionti

24 New York cross-genre musician Cristina Monet Zilkha

25 London cellist Martin Loveday


26 Kurt Weill producer Hal Willner

27 Songwriter John Prine

28 Phyllis Jenness, founder of the Lexington Singers.

29 Composer Dmitri Smirnov

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  • Norman, I realize that it’s your intent to do this as a tribute to these fine artists — a very admirable thing, to be sure — but somehow giving us a week-by-week running tally of deaths with a numbering system seems a bit macabre. I mean you no disrespect but I write this as a resident of New York State, which you may be aware is the “epicenter” of the virus in America. We’re dealing with more than seven hundred deaths every single day. Stay healthy.

    Chag Sameach to you.

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